How to make acne removing facial mask? How to make acne removing facial mask

How can I get rid of acne when I have acne? Do you still need to buy a bottle or several pieces of whitening and acne removing facial mask worth several hundred yuan in the market? Of course not. Now DIY acne removing facial mask is popular. Homemade facial mask is the king. It helps you remove annoying acne with the least money. The key is to be safe.

Ten natural acne removing practical facial mask

1. Mung bean milk facial mask can remove acne and fade acne scars

Mung bean has the effect of removing skin toxins. It can effectively relieve the skin and relieve the acne to a certain extent. Using mung bean facial mask with milk can effectively remove and prevent acne, fade acne scars and whiten skin.

How to do it: mix mung bean powder and milk thoroughly, and then apply it to your face to soothe your skin, clear away heat and detoxify. And it is very helpful to remove acne marks. If you are afraid of the trouble of cleaning, you can also wet the facial mask paper and apply it on your face. After 15 minutes, take the facial mask and flush it with water.

2. Red bean paste self-made acne removing facial mask

Boil the red beans in the pot, and then put them into the juicer to form red bean paste. After cooling, apply it evenly on the face. This self-made facial mask has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, which can promote the rapid discharge of oil, effectively control acne and acne, and make the skin more tender.

3. Tomato honey skin beautifying acne removing facial mask

Everyone has heard of the skin beautifying effect of tomatoes. Often making tomato facial mask can make skin white, tender and smooth. Honey can form a moisturizing layer on the skin and make the skin moist and shiny. Honey tomato facial mask is a good helper to remove acne.

How to do it: crush the tomato and take the juice, add an appropriate amount of honey and a little flour to make it into a paste, and apply it to the face for 20-30 minutes. It has the effect of moisturizing, whitening and softening the skin, and has the functions of removing spots and wrinkles and treating acne after long-term use.

4. Egg yolk homemade acne removing facial mask

Prepare some juice squeezed from fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, then add egg yolks and stir them together. After evenly stirring, you can apply it to your face. This self-made facial mask can effectively repair your skin, effectively relieve acne skin, regenerate acne marks, and make your skin smooth and fine.

5. Homemade sugar olive oil acne removing facial mask

Ingredients: 1 tbsp sugar, olive oil

Preparation method: take an appropriate amount of granulated sugar and olive oil, mix them together, gently smear them on your face like facial cleanser, and massage them.

Acne removing effect: applying this facial mask to the face can remove the horniness of the skin, remove acne, restore the metabolism of the skin, and reduce the pores after long-term use.

6. Aloe cucumber anti inflammation and beauty facial mask

Aloe Vera and cucumber have anti-inflammatory effects. Fresh Aloe Vera is cut into small pieces and applied to the affected part, while cucumber is peeled and pressed into juice. After washing the face, it is smeared on the face and rinsed off after about 30 minutes. Cucumber juice can also be added with honey to drink. It can reduce inflammation and relieve skin.

7. Strawberry acne reducing wrinkle removing facial mask

Strawberries are rich in nutrients needed by the skin. Applying strawberries facial mask on the face can reduce inflammation and fade pockmarks. Strawberries also have the effect of removing wrinkles and whitening, and are ideal food for beauty. Strawberries are rich in vitamins. Applying strawberries to your face can dilute acne marks, eliminate inflammation and disinfect, and make your skin white and bright.

How to do it: squeeze the strawberry juice and apply it to the face. At the same time, add olive oil to the strawberry juice. Apply to the face for about ten minutes and wash with warm water. Similarly, berry polyphenol acne products are also recommended by many stars.

8. Loofah cereal homemade facial mask

Cut the fresh loofah into half, peel and mash it, then add two spoonfuls of cereal and stir it together, apply it to your face for 15 minutes, and then wash it. Loofah contains a variety of vitamin components. Long term use can help bleach the skin, and has a good curative effect on acne, helping to eliminate inflammation and make the skin smoother.

9. Homemade banana acne removing facial mask

Material: half banana, proper amount of milk

Preparation method: half cooked banana, mashed into a mud, mixed with an appropriate amount of milk, mixed into a paste, applied to the face, kept for 15-20 minutes, and washed with water.

10. Carrot homemade acne removing facial mask

Put the fresh carrots into the juicer, just take the juice and add flour to mix it evenly, and then apply it on the face after it becomes a paste. This self-made facial mask has the effect of removing spots and weakening acne marks, and is also effective in combating facial wrinkles.

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