Office workers should stretch more every day

After working all day, are you hot and tired? At this time, you may as well follow Mr. life to do an action that can help you relieve fatigue and relax your body in an instant – stretching.

Interviewed experts:

Qu Liuxin, director of Department of traditional Chinese medicine orthopedics and traumatology, CUHK Affiliated Hospital of Southeast University

Although stretching is a simple action, it has undeniable benefits to health.

Qu Liuxin pointed out that when stretching, the chest organs of the human body can squeeze the heart and lungs, which is conducive to the full movement of the heart, so that more oxygen can be supplied to various tissues and organs at the same time, due to the activity of the upper body, more oxygen-containing blood can be supplied to the brain, making people feel awake and comfortable. Therefore, regular stretching and active limbs can help relieve fatigue.

Office workers often sit for an hour or two. When the body is in a posture for a long time, a lot of blood will accumulate in the veins and blood vessels of muscle tissue. At this time, stretching will cause most of the muscles to relax and contract. A lot of accumulated blood will be driven back to the heart, taking away some wastes in the muscles, thus eliminating fatigue

There are many postures for stretching, such as lying down, sitting, standing up and stretching. Qu Liuxin pointed out that for people who have been sitting for a long time, standing up and stretching have a better effect. Because sitting to stretch, the posture is not easy to relax and the muscles are tense.

when stretching, you should stretch your body as far as possible, straighten your limbs, and exert all your muscles

Inhale as much as possible while stretching; When relaxing, the muscles of the whole body should relax and exhale as much as possible, so that the effect of exercise will be better.

Standing up and stretching can make the waist muscles active. This kind of stretching and contracting exercise can exercise the waist muscles and prevent the spine from bending forward to form a hunchback. It is especially suitable for the sedentary people. Qu Liuxin introduced that in clinical practice, we often encounter cases of lumbar back injury or sprain caused by improper stretching. Stretching should not be too violent or too fast. It should be done slowly and separately, supplemented by deep breathing. Otherwise, the lumbar vertebrae are easy to be injured, especially those who have lumbar disc herniation themselves. After sitting for a long time, they suddenly stretch and squeeze the lumbar vertebrae backward, which will stimulate nerve roots or pathological tissues and aggravate the disease. Therefore, for such people, special attention should be paid to stretching.

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