Four incredible ways to sweat to make summer healthier!

Tagore said in Stray Birds: “make life as gorgeous as summer flowers.” Summer flowers suddenly show strong vitality under the sun, and people should be as gorgeous as summer fire in summer. How do we take care of our health in hot summer? Sweat! Sweating can promote blood circulation, expel waste toxins from the body and the body surface, improve the elasticity of blood vessels in contraction and expansion, and take away excess fat in the body when sweat evaporates. Sweating in summer is a good way to greatly improve women’s health index!

Summer is the season of the highest Yang Qi, with hot weather and flourishing plants. In summer, Yang Qi is external and Yin is internal, so the focus of health care in the whole summer is to “grow”. “Long” means that after germination in spring, in summer, people’s body will be in a state of vigorous growth like all things.

So how to make the body “grow”? Many people stay in their rooms all day, blowing air conditioning, which is not good. You should sleep at night and get up early to go on a date with father-in-law sun. What should I do on a date? Do exercise, don’t be afraid of heat, sweat, and you can strengthen your body. If you really don’t have time to go outdoors for a date with father-in-law of the sun, take a flower bath according to your constitution and sweat a little before going to bed. On the one hand, it can warm your blood, relax your pores, and on the other hand, it can relax your body and mind to help you sleep peacefully. It is said that Marie Anthony, Princess of Louis XVI of France, loved to bathe with thyme and laurel; Cleopatra liked to use roses. You may as well prepare a flower bath by yourself to enjoy the treatment of Royal ladies!

Your exclusive flower bath

(1) self perspiration

There are many descriptions of self perspiration in Chinese medicine books, and I won’t quote them here. In short, in broad daylight, a person sits there nicely. The weather is not hot, he doesn’t wear much, and he hasn’t done high-temperature work. However, he can only see sweat soaking out from his face and body layer by layer, and it lasts forever. Self perspiration often occurs in women who are weak or have serious diseases, so drugs should be used to replenish qi and restrain perspiration. There is a flower bath that can be used as an auxiliary conditioning.

Recommended herbal bath: ginger warm tea bath

Materials: orange blossom, sage, camellia, ginger juice, cloth bag.

Efficacy: Orange Blossom contains precious active ingredients, which can effectively shrink skin pores and inhibit sweat discharge; Sage can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote blood circulation and warm up, and improve muscle pain symptoms. After taking a bath, your body will naturally emit warm fragrance. Method: after mixing orange blossom, sage and Camellia (25-30g each), put them into a 10x24cm cloth bag (the best material of the bag is cotton, and the opening should be able to tie tightly.), Directly brew the cloth bag with an appropriate amount of hot water. After the water temperature is moderate, add about 30g of ginger juice, and you can take a bath.

Attention: who needs to be slightly scalded to ensure that the drug ingredients can be fully soaked out; At the beginning, do not use too much ginger juice, which depends on the adaptation of individual skin.

(2) night sweat

Unlike self perspiration, night perspiration is perspiration during sleep, and people stop sweating when they wake up. People who have night sweats often feel irritable. Usually, they may also have low fever or hot flushes, red cheekbones, dizziness, emaciation, fatigue, dry stools and other symptoms. People who work in night sweats generally work too hard. Nowadays, the work pressure in the workplace is getting heavier and heavier. White collar workers are prone to night sweats because they think too much for a long time. It is recommended to keep a cheerful mood, combine work and rest, have regular work and rest, quit smoking, drink alcohol, and eat less spicy and stimulating food during the conditioning period.

Recommended flower bath: Yilan rose tea bath

Materials: Vitamin C tablets, baking soda, roses, Ylang Ylang, appropriate amount of tea, cloth bags.

Efficacy: Ylang has a strong fragrance, known as “the jasmine of the poor”, which can effectively moisturize, soothe and calm the skin, astringe pores, effectively prevent skin moisture loss and skin allergy, and effectively suppress night sweats; The smell of roses is warm and astringent. The food materia medica says that it “benefits the lungs, spleen, liver and gall. It tastes sweet and refreshing.” After washing, the body emits a unique fragrance, which can also delay the aging of the skin.

How to do it: after mixing rose, Ylang Ylang and tea (23-30g each), put them into a 10x24cm cloth bag, directly brew the flowers and plants with a proper amount of hot water. After the water temperature is moderate, add about 10g of baking soda and 1-2 tablets of vitamin C, and then you can take a bath.

Attention: the amount of baking soda should not be too much; The effective component of rose is volatile oil. In order to prevent the aroma from escaping, add superheated water before running.

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