How can you sweat healthily in summer?

As soon as summer arrives, many people wish they could plunge into air-conditioned rooms to reduce sweating. From the perspective of health, a constant temperature and comfortable environment can easily turn yourself into a “flower in a greenhouse”. Besides, I hardly sweat all year round, which is bad for my health.

sweating is actually a science.

Perspiration can be roughly divided into four categories: warm perspiration, taste perspiration, mental perspiration and sports perspiration.

1. Warm sweating

The so-called warm perspiration refers to the perspiration phenomenon formed due to muggy weather, elevated ambient temperature and irritability. This way of sweating helps the body regulate its temperature by metabolizing water. Summer perspiration is generally warm perspiration, and the human body will naturally sweat under high temperature. There is also sauna, which also belongs to this kind of sweating.

2. Gustatory sweating

This kind of sweating is caused by eating some irritating (pepper, garlic, green onions, ginger, etc.) or hot food. When irritating food enters the body, it will stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, accelerate energy metabolism, promote fat burning in the body, which will lead to our body heating and sweating.

3. Mental sweating

It is caused by mental tension, emotional excitement or pain stimulation. The time from stimulation to sweating is extremely short, with a maximum of less than 20 seconds. Sweating mainly occurs in the palms, toes and armpits, and is most obvious in the palms and soles. Therefore, when people are nervous, the palms of their hands will sweat, which belongs to mental sweating.

4. Sports sweating

That is, the sweat from the active exercise of the human body. It is the only active way of sweating. We drive the activities of the muscles of the whole body through effective exercise, so that the body can actively sweat and metabolize wastes in the body. There are many sports that can promote perspiration, and the better ones are aerobic sports such as jogging, mountain climbing, cycling and striding.

active sweating has many benefits.

Sweating can be divided into passive sweating and active sweating. Sweating caused by temperature and mental pressure is passive sweating, which is common in summer. Sweating caused by the increase of body temperature caused by the main body activity is called active sweating.

In fact, most of the benefits of sweating are brought by active sweating. Generally speaking, active perspiration is better than passive perspiration. This deep-seated perspiration is also what we often call “health sweat”. Active sweating through exercise will bring these benefits to the body:

1. Dehumidification and detoxification

The normal perspiration of the human body is a process of shooting. In addition, the main multi penetration can expel toxins such as lactic acid, urea and ammonia accumulated in the body.

2. Promote metabolism

Active sweating can speed up the body fluid circulation and metabolism process, and ensure the unimpeded nose, skin, lung, large intestine and other systems. I’m sweating like a bird.

3. Relieve pressure

Exercise is a good way to decompress. Usually, after exercise, we will feel comfortable physically and mentally, and some psychological problems and troubles can be eliminated in the process of exercise.

4. Skin care and beauty

As the main component of sweat is water, it can clean pores in the process of secretion from sweat glands, so it has a certain effect of skin care and beauty.

5. Adjust your body

Sweating during exercise will improve the functions of the body’s head and internal organs, which can effectively improve and help the treatment of many chronic diseases and adjust the health of the body.

No wonder so many people enjoy the pleasure of sweating in sports because there are so many benefits you have to take the initiative in sweating. .

However, although sweating has many advantages, it is not suitable for everyone. People with Qi deficiency, such as lying in women and those suffering from rheumatism, stroke and other diseases, should sweat less. Even if you sweat, you should dry it in time to avoid deterioration of the condition.

In addition, exercise should depend on your own situation. Don’t blindly follow the trend, otherwise your health will be damaged. Choose a suitable exercise method, do a good warm-up exercise, open it in a normal posture, exercise for 30-50 minutes a day, not too long, and drink light saline to supplement energy after exercise. Step by step, in order to achieve the goal of healthy sweating.

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