Husband’s marketing principle: marry a rich man

A young and beautiful American girl posted such a question on the financial edition of a large online forum in the United States.

How can I marry a rich man?

“What I want to say next is my heart. I am 25 years old, very beautiful, elegant and tasteful. I want to marry someone with an annual salary of 500000 dollars. You may say that I am greedy, but in New York, an annual salary of one million dollars is the middle class. My requirements are not high.

Is there anyone with an annual salary of more than 500000 on this edition? Are you all married? I want to ask you a question – how can I marry a rich man like you? Among the people I have dated, the richest person has an annual salary of 250000 yuan, which seems to be my upper limit. To live in the noble residential area west of New York’s Central Park, 250000 yuan per year is far from enough. I’m here to ask for your sincere advice. There are several specific problems:

Where do wealthy bachelors usually spend their time? (please list the names and detailed addresses of bars, restaurants and gyms.)

What age group should I aim at?

Why do the wives of some rich people look plain? I have seen some girls who look like boiled water and have nothing attractive, but they can marry into rich families. But those charming beauties in the singles bar have bad luck.

How do you decide who can be your wife and who can only be your girlfriend? (my goal now is to get married.)

——Miss Bowers

Here is a reply from a Wall Street financier:

“Dear pols: I read your post with great interest. I believe many young people have similar questions. Let me analyze your situation in my capacity as an investment expert. My annual salary is more than 500000 yuan, which meets your spouse selection criteria. So please believe that I am not wasting everyone’s time.

From a businessman’s point of view, marrying you is a bad business decision. The reason can’t be clearer. Please listen to my explanation. Put aside the details, what you said is actually a simple “wealth” and “appearance” transaction: Party A provides attractive appearance, Party B pays for it, and it is a fair transaction. Young and old people are not deceived. However, there is a fatal problem here. Your beauty will disappear, but my money will not be reduced for no reason. In fact, my income is likely to increase year by year, but you can’t be more beautiful year by year.

Therefore, from the perspective of economics, I am a value-added asset, and you are a depreciating asset, not only depreciating, but also accelerating! You are now 25 years old. In the next five years, you can still maintain your slim figure and beautiful appearance, although there is a slight decline every year. But beauty will disappear faster and faster. If it is your only asset, your value will be worrying in ten years.

In terms of Wall Street, every transaction is a position, and dealing with you is a “trading position”. Once the value drops, you should immediately sell it, not hold it for a long time – that is, the marriage you want. It sounds cruel, but for a material that will accelerate its depreciation, the wise choice is to rent it rather than buy it. Of course, people with an annual salary of more than 500000 are not fools, so we will only associate with you, but not marry you. So I advise you not to struggle to find the secret recipe for marrying a rich man. By the way, you can find a way to turn yourself into a man with an annual salary of 500000, which is better than meeting a rich fool.

I hope my reply can help you. If you are interested in “leasing”, please contact me. “

——Robo Campbell (J.P. Morgan bank multi industry investment consultant)

Smart woman’s husband marketing rules

1. Pay attention to the change of body weight. If you are fat, you will lose weight. If you are thin, you will gain weight. This is called product quality control.

2. Go to Spa twice a week and do yoga at least once. This is called maintaining brand competitiveness.

3. Cut double eyelids if necessary, and fill silicone into the chest if necessary. This is called product improvement.

4. Always use facial mask every other day. Eye cream is a must. This is called preventing product aging.

5. Check your husband’s mobile phone, email and briefcase regularly. This is called paying attention to market changes.

6. At the end of every meal, I would ask: husband, are the dishes delicious. After the party, I also asked if I was happy. This is called consumer satisfaction survey.

7. If you can’t cook, wash, or… Please start self-study immediately. This is called product function value-added.

8. Talk to your lover regularly, greet by phone or SMS when you go to and from work. This is called daily public relations maintenance.

9. Be kind to your parents-in-law and father-in-law. If your husband and colleagues are present, make a good impression. This is called word of mouth marketing.

10. It is forbidden to wear untidy clothes and be unkempt. This is called brand image maintenance.

11. You can only shop in the mall, learn to bargain when you buy vegetables, and eat out when you are full. This is called reducing the cost of ownership.

12. Have heart to heart talks at least twice a month. My husband’s brows don’t show. He should be patient. This is called deep communication.

13. If your beloved is secretly loved, you should be moderately happy. This is called allowing moderate competition.

14. If you find that your husband is also moved, you can cry loudly and hurt him. This is called blocking vicious competition.

15. Strictly prevent the bad behavior of keeping mistresses and raising honey. This is called market monopoly.

16. If the blockade fails, the four elders, aunts and uncles will seek help. This is called crisis public relations.

17. Regularly participate in outdoor sports, go up the mountains and swim together. This is called activity maintenance.

18. Remember wedding anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s day and special days. This is called festival marketing.

19. Keep making small events and surprises. Please change your underwear often. This is called experience update.

Let’s start with that. For a family brand, I think it’s enough. Leave some for growth brands.

Oh, there’s another important thing I forgot to write: you must give your husband pocket money from your small bag at the right time. This is called consumer rebate!

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