Men, listen up. It’s not wrong to want to marry a rich man

Now the Internet media seems to like to expose some news such as: “female doctors are looking for multi million asset bosses” and “college girls are going to marry millionaires”, which intentionally or unintentionally brings a touch of contempt.

Admittedly, it is undeniable that some women are in a state of complete worship of money when they look for rich people and tycoons. However, I also see that men nowadays have indeed lost the pride they should have as men: more and more men are willing and even want to put the burden of life on women, as evidenced by an example: a survey shows that “70% of men in Shanghai are willing to be domestic cooks!” How terrible!

In fact, it is not that all men should become rich, but that men should face life bravely, be brave, strong, reliable, loyal, cheerful, sunny and tender, and become the confidence and pillar of themselves and the women they love! Unfortunately, these qualities are becoming more and more difficult to find in Chinese men!

I have been asked more than once by my foreign friends, “why do Chinese men like to grab seats on buses?” Unexpectedly, once, a customer from a small country in Central Asia asked me frankly: it seems that men here like to grab seats on the subway and sit there digging their noses! I was so ashamed to see those standing women and children! Such criticism and sarcasm from a backward country in Central Asia!

I have also seen that many married men treat their wives not with respect and love, but with impatience, slander, injury and blow! I have to admit that many women are married. Indeed, as Jia Baoyu said, from pearls to fish eyes, but when men complain, should they also ask themselves: who stole a woman’s youth, lovely, gentle and sweet? And turn them into fish eyes?

Yi Shu said: professional women and housewives are the two most disgusting occupations in the world. However, more than 90% of women in China have to take up two jobs, earn money at work to subsidize their families, take care of household chores after work, and have time to have children. Even so, it is still possible to be rejected by her husband as not gentle, considerate and nagging. I’m afraid many women who live with their parents-in-law have experienced all the flavors of the world!

Which girl is not loved by her parents at home? However, only the luckiest woman can continue to retain innocence and purity in marriage. Didn’t you say that a good woman is a man’s school, and likewise, a good man is a woman’s school! It’s a pity that there are too few men in China who are qualified to be schools! When facing the heavy pressure of life, what they give their lovers is not confidence and support, but boredom.

A German engineer I know always comes to China several times a year because of his work. Sometimes when he chats, he will say how nice his wife is and how happy he is to meet her. Last summer, he took advantage of his work to bring his wife to China for tourism. For three or four days, another company in Beijing invited his wife to play (he wants to work in Shanghai and can’t leave!), After he sent his wife to the carriage, he kissed and kissed her before leaving. It was really an exhortation from the front that he said “I love you” countless times.

In fact, his wife is more than 50 years old and looks like he is more than 60 years old. He looks much younger than his wife, and his temperament is elegant and handsome. However, he is very considerate to his wife, takes her everywhere, and specially asks for a month’s leave to accompany her to Tibet.

Some people may say that this is only superficial work, but how many men in China can do such a face project? I see that many foreigners are polite to women and take care of them everywhere. They take care of women’s needs from opening the door, pulling chairs, carrying luggage to scheduling, and they especially like to praise women! But Chinese men are generally more self-centered.

My friend came across such a thing: she took a taxi with a male friend and a female friend. The man sat in the front passenger seat and the two women sat behind. The total fare was 17 yuan. The man paid for it. After getting off the bus, the man said, “17 yuan, three people, six yuan per person.”

To sum up, women have no reason not to like successful men, because success not only means money, but also represents an attitude, taste, demeanor, temperament and accomplishment. The argument that women marry rich people for money and marry poor people for love is too untenable. Today, it is especially unworthy of its name! Jetsferrard once said, “a rich lady can’t marry a poor boy.”.

And I think: “a woman has a chance to marry a rich man, which is not a crime”! But if you associate with a successful man, the situation may be different. I conclude that there are the following advantages to associating with a successful man:

1. Successful men generally have good careers and are financially well off. There will be no such situation as the above 17 / 3 = 6 fast.

2. Most successful men are knowledgeable and well-informed. They don’t have boring words, treat their mearness as humor, and treat their acrimony as sharpness of speech.

3. Successful men generally pay attention to their appearance, and will not have such indecent situations as heavy body odor, greasy hair, trousers with sneakers, and pants 3-50mm short.

4. Successful men are expected to receive romantic gifts such as flowers, candy, fluffy toys, MP3 players from them, which can add spice to life.

5. You can receive a beautiful proposal ring.

6. You don’t have to go around to raise the down payment for the house, nor do you have to be stretched for the monthly mortgage.

7. There is no need to argue over a few cents in the vegetable market and be scolded as a rough woman.

8. Children are expected to have good genes and better educational conditions.

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