The influence of yoga on women

1. The influence of yoga on women

1.1. Shaping body shape

Yoga can strengthen the chest, beautify the curve of the chest, prevent breast sagging, soften the waist, beautify the hips, avoid gluteal muscle sagging, beautify the hip shape, eliminate abdominal fat, prevent lower body obesity, elongate the legs, increase the elasticity of the hamstrings, and eliminate thigh and calf fat.

1.2. Eliminate tension

People who stand or sit incorrectly, or who are in a state of mental tension due to the pressure of work or life for a long time, are naturally more likely to feel tired or tired than ordinary people, which will cause abnormal breathing. Yoga’s breathing method, through conscious breathing, can eliminate exhaust gas and weak fire in the body, eliminate tension and fatigue.

1.3. Reduce pressure

The complete breathing method of yoga can strengthen the abdominal viscera, control the speed of breathing, adjust the autonomic nerve, control the heartbeat rate, ease tension, and reduce psychological pressure.

2. The best time to practice yoga

After getting up in the morning

Just getting up in the morning and practicing yoga for 10 minutes can make people’s minds become clear and energetic all day long. Generally, the yoga pose suitable for morning practice is the Sun Salutation pose. Practicing Sun Salutation can make your body flexible and full of energy after practice.

Before lunch

After a day’s work, people are often very tired, so practicing yoga before eating can relieve physical fatigue, and also burn fat, which is helpful for weight loss. Usually, it is appropriate to practice yoga on an empty stomach, which will not cause discomfort.

Before going to bed at night

Before going to bed at night, in order to relax and promote sleep, you can practice yoga for 10 minutes. If you feel that your body has strong adaptability, you can also practice more movements to help you slim your abdomen and waist. However, it should be noted that do not practice movements with too much intensity, so as to avoid injury, physical discomfort and affecting sleep.

3. Can I practice yoga when I’m just pregnant

It is not recommended to practice yoga when you are just pregnant. This is because in the early pregnancy, the fetus is not stable. Practicing yoga may lead to miscarriage. It is not suitable to practice yoga in the early pregnancy, but also in the late pregnancy, that is, the last three months. Practicing yoga in the late trimester may lead to premature delivery of the fetus, so it is still a certain research when pregnant women can do yoga.

Some women are practicing yoga before they are pregnant. Since practicing yoga, they have been less sick. However, when they are found to be pregnant, they still have to stop practicing yoga, and they can’t do yoga exercises for the first three months. When you can practice yoga, it is not recommended to participate in previous yoga classes, because the yoga movements for pregnant women are different from those for regular people. It is recommended to consult the local maternity hospital. Now many maternity hospitals have started yoga activities, and some of them are public welfare and teach yoga exercises to pregnant women for free. It is not because these places are free to recommend to everyone, but because the movements of these yoga classes have been studied and are more suitable for patients to practice.

Common mistakes in yoga practice

1. Rhythmic breathing

In yoga practice, every move should be perfectly combined with breathing. For example, when you begin to practice the Sun Salutation movement, first inhale, raise your arms, then exhale, and slowly fold your arms forward.

Rhythmic breathing can make you get a sense of flow in yoga practice. This can not only make the practitioner feel calm in his heart, but also make his brain pay more attention to every movement, so as to avoid damage and improve his body balance.

2. Abdominal laxity

In the process of practicing yoga, correct breathing requires not only drawing air into the chest area, but also feeling the expansion and adduction of ribs. In each breath, you can use your abdominal muscles to press your navel against your spine. As you inhale, fill your chest with air and keep your abdominal muscles flat. Using abdominal muscles in breathing can not only help you breathe correctly, but also protect your waist and avoid pain or injury.

What to eat after yoga

1. Fresh juice

You can drink a large glass of fresh juice after you go home from yoga class.

You can also squeeze juice with different fruits every day. Do not add extra sugar, but rely on the natural sugar of the fruit itself. It will be far better than drinking juice containing artificial flavors and excessive sugar.

2. Homemade vegetable soup

If you burn a lot of calories in yoga class, it is necessary to supplement nutrition and energy for your body. There is nothing more nutritious than homemade vegetable soup. You can make soup with carrots, celery, spinach and cabbage. After adding your favorite vegetables, add black pepper and ginger powder to taste. Homemade vegetable soup is certainly much better than buying ready-made ones. Cooked foods sold in supermarkets contain a lot of extra salt.

3. Green tea

Green tea has many health benefits. It is better than many other drinks. However, back in yoga class, yoga can enhance blood circulation, and the antioxidant components in green tea can flow in the body. Together, they are a good way to reduce pressure.

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