You say you’re tired every day, but you still keep playing with your mobile phone?

I don’t know when, “tired” has become Xiao Jiu’s biggest feeling every day. Tired to go to work and tired to go home, life is such a vicious cycle, it is really tiring to feel unloved. Why are we always so tired?

The reason is not only work, but also bad living habits. Compared with the previous single life of working from sunrise to sunset, today’s life is more entertaining and diversified, and at the same time, it also produces many health problems.

Xiao Jiu summarized from himself and found that these four daily habits can make people more tired as they live:

sleeping time is too willful

Xiao Jiu continued his bad habit of staying up late in college when he first started working, but work is no better than reading, and there is no time for you to cushion the tiredness brought by staying up late.

Staying up late after work is tantamount to self harm. Within two days, problems such as swelling and pain of gums, acne on the face, dizziness and headache will come to you, which brings great inconvenience to work and life.

In fact, just one more hour of sleep a day will bring great benefits to health. According to the latest scientific research of the University of Surrey in the UK, it has been found that when a person’s sleep time increases from 6.5 hours to 7.5 hours, the pressure will be released obviously and the possibility of illness will be reduced.

The more times you stay up late, the more likely your body will be affected by illness and pain. So sleep an extra hour every day, and you will be surprised to see the important role played by this hour.

Of course, don’t sleep too much, especially on weekends. Because excessive sleep will not only make you miss breakfast on Saturdays, but also increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease and obesity. The large “nurses’ health study” conducted by Harvard University found that people who sleep 9-11 hours a night will have memory impairment, and are more likely to suffer from heart disease than those who sleep 8 hours a night (people who sleep too little have a higher risk).

Other research results also found that excessive sleep was associated with diabetes, obesity and even premature death.

Therefore, not sleeping enough will be tired, and sleeping too much will be even more tired. Therefore, at any time, we should follow our own biological clock and rest regularly. We should not forcibly deprive ourselves of sleep, nor connive at ourselves to sleep all day long.

eat brunch and lunch together

If you don’t eat breakfast regularly, it will obviously cause these hazards to your body:

① Skipping breakfast will lead to decreased secretion of cholecystokinin, poor gallbladder emptying, and easy formation of gallstones;

② The stimulation of gastric acid on an empty stomach is a torture especially for people with duodenal ulcer;

③ Hypoglycemia is easy to occur in the morning, or even hypoglycemic shock, affecting normal work;

④ It causes abnormal insulin secretion, leads to resistance of insulin, and affects the stability of blood sugar. Especially if overweight women do not eat breakfast, insulin will become more and more sluggish.

Don’t carry when you’re hungry. It’s always right to eat when you’re hungry. Don’t make fun of your own body. If you really can’t catch up with breakfast during work, just take some reserve grain with you or prepare it at the company at any time.

sedentary or overworked

Office workers sit still for nearly eight hours a day, which will cause these exact damages to their bodies:

① Neck injury

People like Xiao Jiu sit at their desks and stretch their necks to type at work. If they last for 8 hours, their necks will be very stiff at the end of the day. In fact, this is a kind of injury to their cervical vertebrae.

② Sore shoulder and back

A loose neck needs the support of the shoulder and back. A forward leaning neck will cause the muscles of the shoulder and back to be overstretched, especially the trapezius muscle connecting the neck and shoulder.

③ Muscle degeneration

Sitting for a long time can easily lead to soft abdominal and gluteal muscles. Especially for us who are trapped in chairs, it is difficult to ensure that we can maintain a correct sitting posture all day long. This will not only lead to muscle degeneration, but also lead to problems such as hunchback and obesity over a long period of time.

④ Spinal injury

When sitting for a long time, if it is not in a correct posture, the intervertebral disc will be pressed unevenly and lose its elasticity. At the same time, the collagen around the tendons and ligaments will harden, and there is also the risk of intervertebral disc herniation.

⑤ Leg disorders

Sitting for a long time will lead to slow blood circulation and siltation in the legs, which will lead to swelling of the ankles, varicose veins and other diseases. And lack of exercise will increase the probability of osteoporosis.

More and more people know the importance of sports, so they will do some sports before and after work. But you know what? Excessive exercise can also harm health.

Modern medical research has proved that excessive or intense exercise not only makes the metabolism of the human body in an excessively vigorous state, but also causes some physiological functions to be out of order due to body stress, and disrupts the blood supply balance of the endocrine system and the cardiovascular system. If this state lasts too long, it will aggravate the wear and tear of body organs.

Therefore, you can’t stay out of exercise for a long time, and you can’t exercise too much. It’s better to be moderate. As for what is called moderation, 30-60 minutes is appropriate, which depends on your physical condition.

never let go of any spare time to play mobile phone

I have been tired of staring at the computer for a long time on duty, but many people still keep their heads down and play with their mobile phones on the way to work, even when walking.

Bowing your head to play with your mobile phone can indeed kill the boring time of taking the subway, but it will make you more tired. The most obvious is that lowering the head will increase the burden on the spine; Looking at the mobile phone will increase the pressure on the eyes; Listening to music can hurt your ears.

In addition, walking on the road may also lead to collision with people, poles and even cars, which will cause endless harm.

In addition, mobile phones are still the main culprits that cause us to sleep late, and sleeping late is a vicious cycle. So it’s better not to take it to bed. Go to bed early to prepare for the sleep ceremony when you’re finished playing.

Bad habits do harm to people. Xiao Jiu is correcting them. People with the same habits should pay more attention to them!

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