Man’s intelligence = sperm quality?

Evolutionism: survival of the fittest! Nature has always followed this law! According to British media reports, the latest British research results show that men with high IQ generally have higher sperm quality. This is the conclusion reached by a research group of the British Institute of psychiatry after analyzing the data of American Vietnam War veterans.

sperm with high IQ are often more active.

Researchers found that those who performed better on intelligence tests often had more active sperm. The research results were published in the latest issue of intelligence. The latest research clearly supports the previous theory that genes that determine intelligence also have other biological effects. Therefore, any small change that impairs intelligence will harm other aspects of the gene, such as sperm quality.

In other words, people with healthy genes are more likely to have what biology calls a “fitness factor”, which makes them healthier and smarter. Scientists used to think that lifestyle factors were more likely to reflect the relationship between intelligence and health. For example, people with higher IQ are less likely to smoke and more likely to like exercise. Experts believe that smoking and exercise will have an impact on people’s intellectual performance.

there is a statistically significant link between intelligence and sperm quality

The latest research verifies this genetic theory by testing two seemingly unrelated characteristics intelligence and sperm quality. The results show that there is a small but statistically significant relationship between the two, and it is difficult to explain this relationship by unhealthy habits such as smoking and drinking. The study took 425 men as subjects, all of whom underwent several intelligence tests and provided semen samples.

The researchers found that regardless of age and lifestyle, men with higher IQ performed better in three aspects that determine sperm quality – quantity, concentration and mobility.

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