Weight loss exercise method: thin stomach and thigh exercise

People who want to make a good impression on others need a slim body. A slim body needs a belly and thighs. Therefore, beauty lovers need to take some effective exercise to effectively reduce leg and abdominal fat. So what are the methods of weight-loss exercise? Today I’ll make an introduction.

Weight loss exercise method: thin stomach and thigh exercise

1. Take the stairs as much as possible. When going upstairs, lift your heels and bear the weight with your legs. As the burden of the legs increases, it can improve the burning speed of the fat around the thighs and eliminate the fat in the inner thighs and buttocks. Experts say that two steps at a time can tighten the shape of the legs, play a role in improving the hips and avoid radish legs.

2. After bathing, pat the inner thigh. After bathing, the blood circulation is normal. Slapping the inner thigh with your palm can also help you have symmetrical legs.

3. Before going to bed every day, keep your legs against the wall, and keep your legs at a 90 degree right angle to your body. Rest for 30 minutes to help blood flow back and relax the calf muscles.

4. When sitting, try to close the legs and knees together, and relax after about 10 seconds. Repeat this movement and keep breathing evenly. Alternating muscle contraction and relaxation in a short time can effectively reduce the calf line.

Skipping rope can be said to be a good way to burn fat. When skipping rope, the legs need to be constantly forced, and the abdomen needs to be tightened to master the balance of the body. The more times you jump rope every day, the more obvious the effect of thin legs and thin stomach. In addition, rope skipping belongs to the large circulation of blood in the whole body. The blood circulation speed of the body will be accelerated during rope skipping, which is also good for preventing some cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

6. Squatting: when squatting, the abdomen needs to strive to control the body balance to prevent the body from falling, while the legs need to strive to keep the movement during squatting and standing without deformation. This exercise method has a good effect on thin legs and thin stomach. As long as you keep squatting for about 10 minutes every day, the fat in your legs and abdomen will be reduced rapidly.

7. Running. If you can keep running for about 40 minutes every day, you can have a good weight loss effect. The effect of thin legs and thin belly is especially good, because the amount of fat burned during running is very large. When your legs move forward alternately, you can also stretch, so it is not easy for muscles to gather. If you can gradually speed up the speed as the body adapts to the exercise intensity, the effect of weight loss will be better.

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