My beautiful office romance

I met my love at the wrong time, and I feel like God is playing a trick on me. How many times in one’s life can one give true feelings, but my feelings happen when they shouldn’t.

The first time I met at work, I remembered him and he remembered me.

It was 10 years ago that I met him. At that time, we were all single, but we passed by and missed our fate.

We worked in the same year. At the first sight, I remembered him and he remembered me. He looked back and fixed his eyes on the autumn morning when I was 20 years old. Is this the legendary love at first sight? But at that time, we were too young and had no chance to communicate, so we passed by in a hurry.

On that autumn morning many years ago, two young hearts beat at the same time. At that time, I thought that there must be a person in the world who would not abandon me and share weal and woe with me. At that time, I thought that person was my husband who had chased me for many years.

In the following days, we are like two parallel tracks, living in the same city and working in the same place. There is a faint concern in our hearts, which is as light as smoke. I have my life, he has his life, we walk side by side, but it seems that we can never cross. So I knew that he was married and had children, and I sighed for him. In order to get married, I casually confessed my marriage. My husband and I got married and had children. We have our own life trajectories in different departments, but every chance encounter is so kind, and we can smell each other’s breath. In this way, we have spent eight years. The eyes in the morning eight years ago have turned into dreams and remain in my girlhood.

The feeling buried deep in my heart eight years ago suddenly revived, and that feeling affected me.

I don’t know if it is fate. Many years later, God arranged this difficult meeting for us – we became colleagues in the same office. He is an excellent man. On the first day he came to our company, he wore a silver gray suit with a light blue shirt and a light bamboo watermark pattern in Chinese painting. He felt very special.

In the following days, we had more opportunities to communicate at work. I found that he was also very happy to face me. Our hearts were in touch, and our appreciation for each other was no longer concealed. I know he doesn’t love his wife, and my life seems to be happy, but the desire for love in my heart never stops.

Return your pearls and drop your tears. I wish I hadn’t met before I got married!

If time can be turned back, I have the chance to choose again, and I will definitely choose him without hesitation.

Finally one day, he said in the text message: I know someone is waiting for me just like I am waiting for her… So, the paper was pierced, and we enjoyed love regardless. Everything is so beautiful. We all feel that each other is what each other needs. Everything in this life must be completed around each other. So we need to be together for granted. However, we all have families. We have missed 8 years. What a heavy sediment that 8 years will leave. Everything is no longer easy.

At that time, my heart was too contradictory. Family, marriage, children, parents in law, relatives and friends, gossip, moral boundaries… I feel that I have fallen into the vortex of life. There is too much pressure in this vortex, and I can’t control myself. Many times I want to give up, we have no freedom. At this time, he always encourages me: is it easier to give up than to insist? How can we abandon eating because of choking when we risk universal condemnation to pursue true love? I really set foot in love with my heart and simplicity. He can also give up everything as long as we can be together, but life is always unsatisfactory.

I finally broke up with my husband peacefully.

Why bother women? Life is always so contradictory. I can’t fight for love. If it’s mine, it won’t go. If it’s not mine, I won’t force it. I really feel love. I hope everyone can arrange their own life according to their own wishes. But I am no longer a romantic and snowy age, but I dream of a bright moon. Facing the reality always makes people so helpless. God teases people. I can only go with the tide. No one’s feelings can be dominated by himself. Love is a matter for two people.

Feelings have no formula, no principle, no reason to follow. How enchanting love is, how hurtful it is. If you are brave enough to love, you should be brave enough. But I can’t be so free and easy. The love net is dense. I’m the fish that can’t escape. I laugh and throw myself into the net, but my heart is full of sadness. Now at my age, it’s time to give my parents more filial piety, but I want them to worry.

He once sent me a text message saying: “when you are ready to give love, some people can’t accept it or even die. After the vicissitudes of life, I suddenly look back and find that I missed the best and owe a lot. Please allow me to say that word. I can’t miss the four Seasons any more.”

Our love should have sprouted in spring and borne fruit in autumn. However, luck makes people, we miss the season, our love sprouts in autumn, and it is destined to suffer wind and frost and cold. I am eager that he and I can build a warm shed, use tenderness as a frame, passion as a bone, and use the second half of our lives as a plastic film to protect our late love.

It has been said that those who have not experienced wind and rain are like tea brewed by warm water, which can only float on the surface of life and can not soak the fragrance of life at all. Those who have weathered wind and rain, such as strong tea brewed by boiling water, will have that refreshing fragrance after several times of ups and downs in the vicissitudes of life. Whenever I recall the time we spent together, I can see it vividly, just like yesterday, and I can’t help but feel the fragrance of tea in my heart.

If I didn’t meet him later, if he didn’t transfer to our office and become a “zero distance” colleague with me, then our parallel two tracks would not meet, and our lives would not be derailed; Then, we may spend our lives like this; Then, I will not get this unforgettable romantic love.

Thank you for life, thank you for life. A song rings in my ear: there was a man who let me know that it was so good to be parasitic in the world. His arms are bent so that I don’t worry

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