When a strong woman meets a blue confidant

After a lunch of swearing at men, I met 100% men from literary novels.

The conclusion of that lunch was that men were stupid guys, and no one understood how to appreciate women with sensitive hearts and delicate minds. When I returned to the office with full of resentment, I saw a strange man checking my computer network cable. He smiled and asked me, “are you back from dinner? Haven’t you finished your shirt collar?”

For the first time, I felt completely shrouded in a man’s all-round consideration. When I was about to fumble for my collar, the man had turned over the collar for me in good time and patted me on the shoulder naturally, saying gently, “don’t walk so fast after dinner, it’s not good for digestion.” I am usually awe inspiring and inviolable, but I am not angry at this man’s moves, because this feeling is so kind and appropriate, just like a big brother treating his beloved little sister.

My secretary said that this is David from the computer network maintenance company. He is here for the first time today. The participants in the lunch of swearing at men were Sophie, my close friend in the boudoir. It was a small gathering of two strong women in the high-end office area. Sophie is the creative director of 4A company. As a result, David’s appearance after lunch completely overturned my judgment. Five minutes after David left my office, I received a text message from him: “usually go out more for fresh air. Next time I see you, I hope you look better.”

Then, David appeared for the second time, bringing a small incense burner. He said: “I see that you smoke occasionally. The air circulation in the office is poor. Frequent incense can improve the air quality in your small space.” I was so moved that I almost fainted. When David came here for the third time, he brought me a new laptop computer. Because last time I mentioned that my laptop computer was hacked by a virus. Of course, this is my personal computer, which has nothing to do with the services David provided for the company. But David volunteered to help me repair it.

In order to express my gratitude, I proposed to invite David to have lunch with me, and I also asked Sophie to see that there are considerate men in the world. In addition, I think I’m moved by this man. The only thing I can’t accept is that David is only an ordinary employee of a computer company, so I hope Sophie can help me make an idea.

This lunch made me feel a little uncomfortable. When David ordered his food, he performed quite well. Vegetables, low calorie food and good nutrition match showed his consideration for women everywhere, unlike other men who only choose meat. But in the middle of the meal, David suddenly said to Sophie, “you must be very fond of wearing black. It suits your temperament very much. But if you add a little colorful decoration, you will be more beautiful. I happen to have a pendant that fits you very well. I will bring it to you next time.” Half of my brain asked myself how this man was reincarnated like a god of love to every woman, while the other half said that maybe he only cared about your friends to please you.

When I returned home and opened my laptop computer, I was completely conquered, because every folder of that computer was organized properly. Every file I randomly stored has been classified. The most touching thing is that the name of the folder has been changed to “Annie’s documents”, “Annie’s favorites”, “Annie’s music”, and “Annie’s whole world seems to be surrounded by this man’s love. But David’s words have never gone beyond the thunder. Is he the legendary “blue face confidant”, and is there only “the fourth kind of emotion” between him and me?

After weeks of hard thinking, one night, I called Sophie to ask her friends for their views on this matter. Sophie’s voice on the phone was excited, She claimed that she might have fallen in love: “Annie, I’ve never met a man who understands women like this! He specially sent me a pendant. You can’t imagine how suitable that suit is for me. And my laptop, I don’t know how to describe it. Every folder is named after me. God knows how hard he spent. He also helped me download a lot of beautiful love music…”

I opened my laptop again, and as expected, I found that there was also a folder in the computer, which contained many love songs. Sophie, who is under the illusion of love, has a declining IQ. She unexpectedly introduced part of the company’s graphic design work to David because David said that he had done graphic design before. You should know that this is the design of an internationally famous brand. Sophie, who is good at nitpicking, seems to have forgotten the responsibility of the creative director this time.

After thinking for a while, I found that I was not qualified to educate Sophie, because David told me a while ago that he wanted to do some personal work of computer network maintenance. The salary of the company alone was too low. As a result, I introduced several companies to him. A few days later, David called again and said, “Annie, you usually work so hard, but you also need to take care of your skin. A friend of mine happened to open a beauty salon, which is very close to your company. Let me go with you to have a look at it sometime.” I walked into the beauty salon and found that the boss was also a strong woman. The woman smiled as soon as she saw David: “honey, my laptop seems to have some problems recently. Please help me have a look.”

I immediately understood that there was also a co owner of the “fourth type of emotion”. Sophie was very angry on the phone in the evening: “David took me to buy a beauty card with several thousand yuan. I later learned that he took half of the rebate.” The last call David made to me was like this: “Annie, do you have overseas orders for household goods? A friend of mine opened a household goods factory in Fengxian, which is quite large.” I know the owner of this factory, who is also a single strong woman. I didn’t mention David, but I know that David used “the fourth kind of emotion” to organize a Business Federation of strong women.


Around us, we often see some men and women who show off their gender charm. Gender is a shortcut for them. By creating an ambiguous atmosphere of “the fourth type of emotion”, they can get special treatment from each other in the fastest way. David in this case regards this kind of emotion as “a shortcut substitute for special treatment”.

It takes years of sincere care and patience to build a trust relationship with people. How many people are willing to do this now? David wants to exchange lower interpersonal costs for higher returns. Moreover, modern people pay attention to mutual use in communication, and friendship is a by-product of cooperation. As a computer network maintenance worker, what capital does David have to communicate with female managers and bosses? In addition to relying on the shortcut of gender attraction.

“The fourth kind of emotion” gives reasonable support to this shortcut. According to the definition of this kind of emotion, a “blue confidant” can certainly have many “red confidants” at the same time. There is no conflict between them, let alone fear moral pressure. Therefore, David has obtained quite a large number of human resources, and most of the opposite sex are willing to pay for him, and he freely accumulates these “fourth parties” like securities to make timely use of them to contribute to his wealth Kingdom, which can really be called a successful love businessman.

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