How can I quickly dispel acne? How can you dispel acne quickly

Acne is generally due to strong sebum secretion and can not be cleaned timely and thoroughly, resulting in excess oil blocking pores. Therefore, the first step to eliminate acne is to pay attention to cleaning the face, but excessive cleaning of the face will also lead to imbalance of water and oil in the skin, resulting in dry skin, fine lines and other problems. How to get rid of acne? What folk prescription can dispel acne? Let’s have a look together!

Folk prescription 1: Chinese medicine treatment

Aloe vera gel is good for some friends with mild acne, but if the acne is serious, it is recommended to use drugs for conditioning. Of course, the best choice of drugs is Chinese medicine, because Chinese medicine has very little side effects on our human body. Western medicine is too harmful to human body. Use Chinese medicine to regulate our endocrine, so that we can achieve a good effect of treating acne.

Folk prescription II: acne removing facial mask

Take an egg and separate the egg whites from the yolks; After retaining the protein, add an appropriate amount of pearl powder, prepare it into a paste, and then apply it to the face for 20 minutes; If you persist in using it 2-3 times a week, it will have obvious good effects.

Folk prescription 3: apply aloe gel

When acne has white spots, many friends are willing to squeeze them out. In fact, this method is the most unscientific and unhealthy. It may not only induce skin inflammation, but even cause more serious consequences. The best treatment is to smear a layer of aloe gel on the surface of beans, which can not only reduce inflammation but also inhibit acne.

Folk prescription 4: use skincare lotion correctly

There are many acne removing products on the market, but they need to be carefully selected. Most of the products that can quickly remove acne are acne removing products containing hormones. Choose acne removing products with natural ingredients with anti-inflammatory effect or other good traditional Chinese medicine treatments to quickly shrink pores and quickly excavate viruses; So as to eliminate acne, acne, acne, etc.

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