I don’t believe in love in the office!

Don’t be attracted by the new handsome guy. Although his big eyes and curly hair make you confused, don’t wipe CD lipstick and spray envy perfume for him. You can stick to him with saliva under the excuse of teaching people to print and remember the phone. Within two weeks, you will find that he is a Playboy and repent, but you will find that the whole company has already known that you are a super playboy. So, even if the immortals come down to earth and the flowers and flowers will be reborn, Anyway, please keep a little elegance and reserve that OL should have. Otherwise, the good impression of being gentle and restrained for years will be destroyed and worthless.

Never love your boss, no matter how handsome, gentle, magnetic or sexy he is, please don’t look at him and love him in your heart, especially when you know that goods sold by others will not be returned, and your wife is virtuous and your family is happy. Don’t love him, don’t think about him, don’t care about him, he can’t give you results, you can’t promise him, love to love to hurt for nothing is not a good job that affects the future, the industry circle is limited, and rumors can’t be avoided. You can only change your profession, starting from an intern – the most respected treasure in the journey to the West will say: why bother? Why?

Don’t love your subordinates. The young and enthusiastic blood of the newly graduated boy has not been exhausted in the University. He can spend it as much as possible, but you? Five years after you graduated, it was easy to be promoted to be a department manager. I don’t know how many people are eager for you. How can you fall into yourself in his childish eyes? How can you ignore the apartment building you just bought and the Polo car you pay by instalments? No, don’t fall in love with him, don’t overestimate the energy of the old heart in your heart, don’t lose your teeth and swallow your blood in the end, and watch him walk away. When a new man approaches, he will replace you with a smile.

About your colleagues, Robert Zhang, who is flirting with you, Tony Wang, who is sending flowers and sugar, if you are interested, you can go out to dinner and sing with them with half a push or AA system. If you are not interested, you can tell them no and thank them earlier. A love story happens in the same company. According to convention, the most happy ending is that one of them has to change places to develop himself, unless you fight guerrillas and engage in underground warfare with him with an iron heart, Unless you and him don’t really want to find an arm to warm each other, but such a fast-food love, the longest flower on your desk, is not thrown into the garbage heap early in the afternoon?

Don’t be too pessimistic to say these words in an impassioned manner. Don’t be too hard headed. Moths fly into the fire and love before you count. Please see clearly first. Workplace and love are basically two ways of writing and two concepts. The result of entanglement is to completely destroy your feelings and future. It’s too late to look back then. How many new people have already cultivated human spirits and are waiting for you.

The office doesn’t believe in love. Don’t love others blindly. Please love yourself first, think about yourself first, clarify your responsibilities first, and then make full use of the time beyond 8 hours. Love is a war, or you can give your heart and body, but please keep your work until the end.

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