Professional lover bit by bit

Love is a trade, and it’s done on the spot

Seven years ago, I was 20 years old, with a beautiful face and a devil’s figure. My boyfriend was handsome and handsome. We lived a domineering life. A Shuai loves gambling, so I followed him frequently in the casino. Once, I went to Xinzhou with a-shuai and his family to gamble. Because the smoke in the casino was pungent, I slept in the car outside a-shuai. In the middle of the night, I was suddenly woken up by ah Shuai. He pulled me and ran, saying that the police were coming. Everyone was in a panic.

His gambling career with ah Shuai lasted only half a month. Later, he was red eyed when he lost. He looked for women everywhere to borrow money, calling this sister and that aunt. I feel sick. They naturally parted hands. I didn’t love ah Shuai. What I really loved was another man I met later in the bar – Cai Tian. Cai Tian’s features are upright, but slightly evil. His mouth is full of a bad smile peculiar to bad men.

“Let’s make a deal.” He leaned against the bar and told me frankly that he loved me at first sight. “Be my lover and I will pay you!” My wildness was teased by him. “What should I do?” “My monthly salary is 10000 yuan, I will save 300000 yuan for you in three years, and I will give you a Bora in five years!”

I raised my chin and looked at him defiantly. “Do you know how much I use a month? Forty thousand!” “You can do it yourself!” He got up and picked up his coat to leave. I said, “I promise! If you decide to get married, please inform me first. I will not entangle with a married man.” We reached an agreement that I would be Cai Tian’s lover. But we don’t live together. He has a live in girlfriend Beibei, a beautiful flight attendant. Cai Tian, who is eight years older than me, said to me that because Beibei “doesn’t want to make progress” and “only knows how to eat, drink and play”, he had an affair after seeing me.

It was an autumn seven years ago. In the bar, the turbid lights and ambiguous atmosphere let me, who likes excitement, take this adventurous and exciting order. Now think about how ridiculous Cai Tian’s reasons are. I’m also a girl who “doesn’t want to make progress” and “only knows how to eat, drink and play”?

Game and love, fake and true

Cai Tian is very rich. To be exact, his family is rich. Cai Tian is an only son. His parents do business and their assets have reached more than 30 million yuan. As early as seven years ago, he had lived the life of the highest class, and he had played most of Europe. I like to listen to Cai Tian’s stories about foreign countries. I like him to let me wear high-grade clothes and use famous cosmetics. I can travel wherever I want. He used his money to let the world open a gorgeous window to me and let me live the petty bourgeoisie life I yearn for. Sometimes I will wake up in the middle of the night. Happiness comes too quickly and violently. Will I suddenly fall from the cloud of happiness into the gray dust one day?

When we were together, Cai Tian was very kind and careful to me. I gradually became infatuated with this kind of relationship of being nurtured, so I gradually fell in love with the man who played games with me. Being a lover means that you can enjoy material wealth, but also have to endure spiritual loneliness. I am alone most of the year. When Cai Tian needs me, he will go to the hotel to open a room, and I will come at any time. As long as he said he was with Beibei, I never dared to call him. Only waiting for his call every day, sick, no matter how bad mood, is also a person.

In the seven years I spent with CAI Tian, I didn’t have a second man except him. I’m here to guard my integrity for him, but he’s flirting over there. On one occasion, Cai Tian came back from South Korea. His lower body was full of red pimples and stench. I accompanied him to the hospital for examination, only then did I learn that he had syphilis. Later, I learned that he had taken the woman to Shanghai for the night. I asked him, and he put on the appearance of a dead pig not afraid of boiling water, and joked with me. I have a strong temper. I took 60 valium tablets. My parents found me in the middle of the night and sent me to the hospital for gastric lavage.

The body was originally weak, and after such a toss and turn, I fell ill from then on. At that time, I had already had three pregnancies for him. Every time I went to have an abortion to clear the palace by myself, I was physically and psychologically miserable. Cai Tian will never be around. I do this to prove that I really love him. I hope he can respect me a little and stop hurting me like this.

But he was still so dismissive, every time he left 10000 yuan and asked me to keep my body. In his eyes, the best way to solve things is money. In the past seven years, there are not many women outside. I thought that I was a third party, and I had to swallow some words. I felt that I was not qualified to care too much about him.

Who will give up one of the two?

I inadvertently learned that Cai Tian and Beibei had separated on the day they got married. I was angry and angry. Why didn’t he tell me when he got married. Cai Tian’s one word was enough to crush all my grievances. He said, I did get a marriage license with Beibei, but we didn’t hold a ceremony because I didn’t want to be too sorry for you. Because of this, Beibei refused to forgive me. She is clamoring for a divorce from me. I believe it. At that moment, Cai Tian’s kindness to me was suddenly enlarged into an ocean in my heart. Women who fell in love were stupid.

The heart of marrying Cai Tian grew wildly from that moment on. Although I know that he is a philanderer, asking him not to hold a wedding for me is enough to make me forgive all his mistakes. After we were together for five years, Beibei finally left him. I’m glad that I finally made it. Who will give up one of the two? Cai Tian should know that I have devoted myself to him all these years.

Beibei is the woman who lived with him for five years. After the divorce, Cai Tian was very negative for a while. At that time, I was like a cat and stayed with him docile all day. He shouted to open a coffee shop, and I quickly gave him 150000 yuan. At that time, Cai Tian had deposited 300000 yuan in my account according to the agreement.

Less than a year later, the coffee shop collapsed. Cai Tian said that he wanted to do business in Beijing, and I also encouraged him to go for a break. I’m afraid he’s lonely in Beijing alone. I want to take care of him. But he repeatedly refused, saying that he often went on business trips, leaving me at home alone was not at ease, and I didn’t say anything. It was not until last month that he finally agreed to let me go.

I packed two boxes of clothes, took all the clothes in early autumn, and brought spices and other things from home. I was afraid that he would not be used to northern food, so I wanted to cook them for him at home. Thinking that I could finally live a home life with him, I was elated. On the first day in Beijing, he accompanied me to dinner. When I got home, he kept sending short messages to netizens. As long as I was not in the living room, he would surf the Internet. As soon as I found out, he would immediately turn off the computer. His phone and computer are on his body 24 hours a day. As soon as I get close, he will get angry.

Everything is too abnormal. I have a presentiment that the rain is coming and the wind is blowing all over the building. That day, Cai Tian said that he would go to play chess with his friends. I asked him to take me, but he said no, people don’t take girlfriends. I’ll just do it. After Cai Tian went out, I went downstairs to buy a bowl of instant noodles. Just as I was preparing to eat, I suddenly remembered his computer. Because his screen saver is a female netizen’s, I want to change my photo. Unexpectedly, with such a small move, I found a fact that I was unwilling to accept in my life.

Ugly facts, despair of love

Cai Tian’s QQ is automatically online. I happened to meet a sister named Mary. I first pretended to be Cai Tian’s voice and chatted with her. Later, I felt that the sister was not a very casual girl, so I indicated my identity. I honestly said that I didn’t mean any harm, but was very interested in CAI Tian’s netizens, and happened to meet you. My sister was no longer hostile to me, and we chatted easily.

Mary is still a 17-year-old high school student. She is pure and lovely in the video. She mischievously called me beautiful sister and Cai Tian uncle. She said that Cai Tian often called her at midnight to complain about his divorce. Ask to meet Mary. Mary never agreed. It was not until May last year that Mary lost her love. When he was depressed, Cai Tian asked her to come to him in the evening, and Mary came.

Cai Tian teased her in every way, but simple Mary didn’t mean it. She rejected Cai Tian. “Unexpectedly, uncle Cai Tian actually talked about business with me. He said that as long as I was his lover, I would get a monthly salary of 10000 yuan, save me a sum of money in three years, and give me a car in five years…” I was thunderstruck. The fingers of the keyboard can’t fall down any more. What I hate is that this shameless man can play dirty women, but he also has the heart to attack an innocent girl! What I hate is that the deal he talked with me seven years ago turned out to be more than one. It turns out that he can do many such deals!

Women don’t despair, they don’t despair easily. For love, women endure again and again, and tolerate again and again. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t remember. She remembers, but for love, she doesn’t care. I think my heart completely died at that moment. Facts have also proved that Cai Tian did not go to play chess with his friends that night. He went to meet his netizens again. I left Cai Tian’s residence overnight. I didn’t take anything else. I only took Cai Tian’s laptop. I know the importance of this computer to him and his family. His parents’ business is so big that many business secrets are stored in this computer.

Sure enough, the next day I received a call from Cai Tian. He obviously knew everything. First he begged me with soft words, and then he shouted hysterically. I sneered. No matter how you call it, when love becomes the tomb in a woman’s heart, the first thing a woman needs to bury is the person she loves most, and the next one is herself

Open up your own love route

The essence of keeping lovers is the transaction of beauty and money. “Love” here is not love, because its source has been polluted, and subjecting to the rules of money is its “original sin” that it can not get rid of. Mei Xin is willing to be Cai Tian’s lover. The fundamental reason is that she is greedy for enjoyment and obsessed with shortcuts to the sky. The so-called love of adventure and excitement is just a cover. As a veteran of romantic love, how can Cai Tian be true to such a woman? Like a calm fisherman, he watched many mermaids including Mei Xin swallow the bait of money.

The retaliatory psychology towards Cai Tian stems from the disillusionment of Mei Xin’s dream of “becoming a regular worker”. In fact, from the perspective of the rules of the lover’s game, Cai Tian did not break his appointment, but was obsessed with trying to get out. Tired birds who stay in the “golden wire cage” for a long time are easy to mistake the “golden wire cage” for the love nest they manage themselves, and forget the initial agreement between themselves and the cage owner. Mei Xin is committing such a fool.

If you hit your head against the south wall, you will find yourself in a dead end; Find another way out. Charming love should be found from men other than Cai Tian. I hope that she, who has been through the sea, can start from the pollution-free river source and open up a true love route of her own.

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