Why is skin rough? What is the reason for rough skin

In our daily life, as we all know that this is an era of looking at the face, many women are very concerned about their skin state, and a beautiful face can not be separated from delicate and white skin, so now we all want to make our face more beautiful through various means. Then, how can we have white and tender skin? In fact, to achieve the goal of whitening and rejuvenating skin, we need to know why our skin becomes rough and dark. Next, let’s take a look.

Why is the skin so rough?

1. Water shortage. If we want our skin to stay round and full, then every cell needs to drink enough water. Once the skin is short of water, it may lead to aging or even decay of skin cells, and gradually the skin will become loose and large pores. This is the main reason for rough skin.

2. The cleaning is not thorough. Because our skin epidermis has many different layers, and the cells of the basal layer will continuously produce new cells and transmit them to the stratum corneum. The aging and shedding of cells in the stratum corneum ensure the stability of skin metabolism. Once a girl does not pay attention to her daily skin cleaning, it may cause the accumulation of aging cells in the stratum corneum, thus causing rough skin.

3. Excess grease. What I mentioned above is that the skin lacks water and the stratum corneum cells accumulate. Then girls start to supplement water crazily, which will cause the imbalance of water and oil in the skin, resulting in excess oil in the skin. When the oil in the hair follicles accumulates too much, it may make your face have many large pores.

What are the ways of skin rejuvenation and whitening?

1. Replenish water. Since the reason why the skin becomes rough and dark yellow is mainly due to the lack of water in the skin cells, if you want to tender and whiten your skin, you must start from this aspect first, because a good water replenishing habit can not only make your skin more crystal clear, but also make your mood more beautiful.

2. Collagen rejuvenation. Collagen is one of the main sources of skin elasticity. As long as collagen is supplemented through various channels, it may enhance the collagen activity in the skin, and make the skin more elastic and away from wrinkles. Therefore, proper supplement of collagen has a great effect on skin rejuvenation and whitening.

3. Photorejuvenation technology. Photorejuvenation technology is a non exfoliative dynamic therapy. This treatment method not only causes little damage to human skin, but also can achieve a strong effect of skin rejuvenation and whitening. Therefore, interested beauties can consider it properly.

Although we all know that if we want to survive better in this world, we should not only rely on beautiful faces. Interesting souls are the key to social interaction. However, if you can’t take good care of your beauty and skin condition, how can you take care of your soul? So now let’s move, beautiful girls.

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