6 tips for whitening and yellowing to make your face white and tender? 6 tips for whitening and yellowing to make your face white, tender and tender

Most modern female friends face computers and mobile phones for a long time, and their faces are often exposed to the radiation of these electronic products, which leads to many female friends’ dark yellow faces, even worthy of the name “yellow faced woman”. How to get yellow and white? Today, Xiaobian will teach you a few moves, so that you can strip off your dark yellow muscles and expose your white muscles.

The small method of whitening and yellowing?

Yellowing and whitening method 1: exfoliating

If the horniness on the face is too thick, even if you apply it every day, the nutrients in the skin care products can not be absorbed by the skin. Therefore, regular exfoliation can help skin remove old horniness on the surface, dredge pores, and double the absorption of skin. Exfoliate once every two weeks.

Whitening method 2: use whitening lotion

After cleaning your face every day, you may as well choose a whitening lotion with whitening effect, which not only replenishes the moisture of your skin, but also helps regulate the stratum corneum and improve the dry and dark yellow skin.

Yellowing and whitening method 3: facial mask can increase whitening effect by 10 times

Facial mask is a fast whitening method. Choose a facial mask containing vitamin C and arbutin whitening ingredients, and the effect will be better. However, don’t try to apply the facial mask every day in a hurry, which will make the skin thinner instead.

Whitening method 4: seize the golden skin care period before bed

The absorption capacity of the skin at night is several times that of the day, so if you want to have a better whitening effect, you must use the night cream before going to bed. If you want to make the skin more appetizing, you can use a little of the skin bottom liquid to make the skin appetizer and better absorb the essence in the night cream.

Whitening method 5: apply sunscreen before going out

Don’t always think that the weather in winter is cold, and if you get too much sun, you can be warmer, so you won’t get sunscreen when you go out. In fact, the ultraviolet rays in winter are still a great threat to skin whitening, so it is recommended that MM who want to whiten wear sunscreen when they go out, and the SPF value is 15.

Yellowing and whitening method 6: internal whitening

If you want to be a white beauty, it’s not enough to apply it. With internal recuperation and external maintenance, the whitening effect can reach 120%. Vegetables and fruits containing vitamin C are holy whitening products, such as tomatoes, strawberries and kiwifruit. I suggest mm eat more.

Tips: to ensure sleep, sleep is the main factor of natural whitening. Long term use of the computer may be the cause of dark skin. It is recommended to use isolation. Wash your face after using the computer. Usually drink more water and eat more fruits. At four o’clock in the afternoon, eat more apples and kiwifruit. At this time, absorption is better. There is also yogurt. Eat more tomatoes for vegetables, and almonds are also very white. I don’t think it’s possible to wash the whitening cream. I need to pay more attention and maintain it.

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