How do I get angry and have acne? How to deal with inflamed acne

One of the most annoying things for young people is getting pimples. She is so ugly with pimples all over her face. Then, what if I get angry and get acne? What’s good to eat?

What is good for getting angry and getting acne?

How do I get angry and have acne? One of the most annoying things for young people is that they have acne. Because of physiological reasons, every friend in adolescence is in a period of high incidence and frequent acne.

In addition, bad eating and rest habits, excessive mental pressure and many other things that I don’t think are relevant at ordinary times are the main factors that form acne or acne.

Let’s follow Xiaobian to see some simple ways to eliminate acne.

1、 Get angry and have acne. Eat more of these foods

1. Herbal tea

The most direct way to reduce fire is to drink herbal tea. There are too many kinds of herbal tea. You can choose your favorite taste to reduce fire. However, the most suitable herbal tea to drink in summer is honeysuckle, chrysanthemum tea and other herbal teas. It’s most appropriate to reduce fire and improve your appearance. There are many herbal teas with traditional Chinese medicine ingredients that have very good fire lowering effects. You don’t need to buy Herbal Teas outside to drink them. You can appropriately buy some and boil them at home for a few hours, just drink them as boiled water. Whether you have acne or not, it is also good to drink some herbal tea in summer.

2. Guiling cream

If you don’t like herbal tea, take Guiling cream. Xiaobian thinks it is more appropriate to eat Guiling cream than to drink herbal tea. Herbal tea can’t be drunk for a long time, but Guiling cream can be eaten often! Guiling cream for beauty and beauty care is the most traditional food. People who have taken it for a long time will not only find that their acne is less, or even disappear, but also find that their skin is getting smoother and smoother. Cleanse intestines and detoxify. Eat Guiling cream as a snack at night. You can eat condensed milk together to taste better, or honey is also a good choice.

3. Sour plum soup

People have used sour plum soup to reduce fire for a long time, and it has been used to this day, and the effect has been satisfactory. Sour plum soup has a very good cosmetic effect, and acne removal is also one of its effects. If you have a bad appetite in summer, you can also drink sour plum soup to appetizer, and the effect is still very good. It tastes very sour. In particular, if you drink a small bowl before dinner, your appetite will open up. Parents of children who don’t like eating will also let them drink sour plum soup in an appropriate amount to reduce fire, eliminate acne and appetizer. Sour plum soup is still popular.

4. Bitter gourd

Balsam pear is also a very good food to reduce fire, especially balsam pear soup. Balsam pear is the best natural acne removing product for people with acne. If you have used many acne removing products without effect, you should stop using them. Because acne has developed antibodies to drugs, it is difficult to cure acne through medication. Dietotherapy is a good method, and it will not produce side effects, so it can be used for a long time. If you are patient, you can also apply balsam pear water to your face, which has a very good effect on removing acne.

2、 Six misunderstandings of acne elimination should be avoided

1. Squeeze pimples

Squeezing pimples by hand is easy to cause inflammation and infection of pimples, thus leaving scars, marks and other problems in the later stage of pimples.

2. DIY small square

The self-made simple acne removing facial mask is simple and easy to use, but the effect is difficult to measure. In serious cases, it may cause skin allergy and aggravate acne.

3. Hormone products

The acne can be removed in a short time, but it will grow again soon. The reason is that the acne muscle is not improved from the root, and the acne is easy to repeat

4. Laser acne removal

The acne removing effect is fast and immediate, but the cost is high, and the precautions after the operation are cumbersome. If you are not careful, you may leave scars.

5. Oral medicine

The effect on severe acne is weak, and long-term use is easy to cause bacterial tolerance, which will not work over time.

6. Let go

Many acne men leave acne unchecked, and the result is that acne repeats and worsens, and it is easy to become a “moon face”.

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