Can varicose socks be worn casually?

Background: Recently, a product called varicose socks has become a hot seller on Taobao. Many women who love beauty are crazy about this sock because they believe it can slim their legs. Taiwan artist Jolin Tsai’s passion for varicose socks has made this product highly sought after. However, in medicine, varicose socks are a simple medical device used to prevent and treat varicose veins. His leg slimming effect is not recognized by experts in medicine.

Guiding expert: Cao Zhiyu, deputy chief physician of General Surgery Department of 309 Hospital of the people’s Liberation Army

have medical devices become thin leg products

“The unique nano far-infrared ray and the principle of venous flow mechanics gradually divide and weave, which can thin legs and promote blood circulation!” Search “varicose socks” in the online store and you can find “980d 680d fat burning thin leg socks” and “680d genuine fat burning plastic leg socks and elastic plastic leg socks”.

Whether it is medical equipment or leg shaping and thermal insulation products, why is this “multi-functional sock” which has been controversial by the media since last year still popular online this winter.

Cao Zhiyu, director of the general surgery department of the 309 Hospital of the people’s Liberation Army, pointed out that in medicine, this product is called “varicose socks”. It is a medical treatment device that can help varicose patients reduce the feeling of falling and swelling of the lower limbs, but it has no effect on treating and preventing varicose veins.

Cao Zhiyu explained that the causes of varicose veins are complex, and the fundamental treatment is still surgery in western medicine. Socks with great pressure can only improve the patient’s feeling of illness. Especially for patients with deep-seated varicose veins, the prevention and treatment effect of socks worn outside is equivalent to No.

The working principle of varicose socks depends on the action and distribution of force. The pressure decreases from the lower (ankle) to the upper (thigh). This decreasing change of pressure can make the venous blood of the lower limbs return, and effectively relieve or improve the pressure borne by the veins and venous valves of the lower limbs.

Who on earth was the first to use this medical device for leg slimming and health care so “creatively” may be traced back to the favor and enthusiastic recommendation of Taiwan singer Jolin Tsai.

Shanzhai varicose socks do not cure but instead cause disease

Sina Weibo netizen cutlery a-tao said that every time I set varicose socks, I always feel that my life is not as good as this… I bought them because I had a brain drain and a hand drain!!

DD sunflower netizen said that I bought a pair of anti varicose pressure socks on the Internet. Is it because my legs are too thick for my mother to help me? I dragged my pants waist and directly lifted me up!

The elasticity of varicose socks makes all netizens who have used them sigh about the difficulty of wearing them. Some netizens even joke that the process of wearing them is the reason to help lose weight!

However, in fact, most of these products produced by Shanzhai sock factories without medical device production qualifications do not conform to the auxiliary treatment principle of decreasing strength from bottom to top, so it is impossible to prevent and treat varicose veins.

At the same time, skin diseases may be caused due to the compression of lower limbs caused by excessive pressure.

Because varicose socks are thicker than ordinary silk socks, and their permeability is not strong, the leg skin is in a tight state, which can not carry out good aerobic respiration. If it goes on like this, it will backfire, which will not only worsen the leg skin of women who love beauty, but also promote the formation of varicose veins.

It can be said that varicose socks do not have the function of health care and fat burning, but make the legs more curvy from the appearance.

varicose socks must be taken off when sleeping.

Lu mushroom, a moldy netizen on Sina Weibo, said that the varicose proof sleep socks will be worn to sleep in the future! Expected effect

Experts suggest that varicose socks should be worn for 8 hours a day and must be taken off when sleeping.

Because the onset of varicose veins is itself caused by the venous pressure of the lower limbs due to the effect of gravity when people are standing. When people lie flat, their legs and hearts are at the same level. At this time, the venous pressure of the legs almost disappears, so it is unnecessary to wear socks to sleep.

On the contrary, wearing this kind of health socks to sleep may hinder the normal circulation of blood, leading to uncomfortable symptoms of the whole body, such as accelerated heartbeat and dyspnea.

In addition, wearing too tight socks for a long time when standing may cause leg swelling, red pimples, and accompanied by itching symptoms.

In the clinical use specifications of the hospital, it is also clearly stipulated that varicose socks should not be used with caution for those with serious leg skin diseases, arthritis in the legs, severe arteriosclerosis and thrombosis.

Medical varicose socks are suitable for three categories of people

1. Standing for a long time: teachers, traffic policemen, shopping guides, beauticians, doctors, nurses, etc

2. Long time sedentary: IT personnel, white-collar workers, civil servants and other office workers – standing or sitting for a long time: due to muscle fatigue and gravity, the blood reflux in the legs is not smooth, and the blood viscosity increases, resulting in venous diseases of the lower limbs.

3. Frequent business trips, people taking planes and long-distance buses, flight attendants – commonly known as economy class syndrome, due to weightlessness at high altitude, cause poor blood reflux in the legs, leading to venous diseases of the lower limbs, and pulmonary embolism in serious cases.

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