Contact lenses can be worn up to 40 years old

Primary and secondary school students are in a vigorous period of growth and development, and the visual axis of the eye has not yet been finalized. If they wear contact lenses too early, they are prone to corneal hypoxia and physiological metabolic disorders. If the curvature of the lens is inconsistent with the cornea, it will also cause corneal abrasion, and even corneal ulcer or perforation. Therefore, unless there are special needs, primary and secondary school students had better wear frame glasses.

After the age of 40, the eye tissue will undergo obvious degenerative changes, and the ability of the eyeball to tolerate hypoxia will decrease. If a layer of lens is worn on the surface of the eyeball at this time, it will lead to eyeball hypoxia, which will induce corneal infection, ulcer and other complications. Therefore, people over 40 years old are better not to wear contact lenses.

When young people wear contact lenses, they should stop wearing them immediately and go to the hospital for treatment once they feel foreign body, dryness, congestion, abnormal secretion, burning pain, etc. Other conditions that are not suitable for wearing contact lenses include eyelid, conjunctiva, keratitis, trachoma, dacryocystitis, etc.

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