Whitening and anti-aging healthy and nutritious breakfast whitening and anti-aging healthy and nutritious breakfast

Healthy breakfast for whitening and anti-aging

Antioxidant whitening breakfast: papaya stewed cheese

Materials: one papaya, two and a half cups of fresh milk, three proteins, some rock sugar and a little vinegar.


1. Cut papaya in half, take out the pulp, and put it into the juicer to break it into small pieces.

2. Cook the fresh milk until it just boils. Add rock sugar and cook until it dissolves. Let it cool and set aside.

3. Beat the protein well, add milk and vinegar, stir gently, sift with a strainer, put it into a small bowl, cover with cling film, steam over high fire for about 30 minutes.

4. When eating, pour papaya mud on the cheese, or add some honey. White and tender skin, active oxygen, anti-aging, fade spots, breast enlargement and whitening!

Efficacy: papaya has a variety of vitamin B groups, carotene and other nutrients, plus the special protease contained therein, which can quickly absorb the protein in fresh milk. Protein can promote normal skin metabolism, maintain elasticity, and provide comprehensive functions of anti-aging and anti-oxidation. This thick, mellow, fragrant and smooth dessert is absolutely super happy to have a cup of it in the morning!

Low fever

Materials: one bagel (available in bakeries), one Pineapple, one ham and one egg.


1. Cut the baked fruit in half and put it in the oven for about one minute.

2. Fry the eggs and ham in a pan, put them on the cut of the baked fruit, add pineapple slices and cover with the other half of the baked fruit.

Efficacy: a rich breakfast with solid taste and low calorie! Baked fruit, which was originally a Jewish food, has won the loyal support of many people because of its bite and wheat flavor. For such simple food preparation, the cooking time from beginning to end does not need to exceed five minutes. You can buy more baked fruits and put them in the freezer, and throw them into the oven when you brush your teeth and wash your face. The next steps are simple! The clear and sour taste of pineapple can just wake up the taste buds gradually. With a glass of juice, it is a full of vitality breakfast combination!

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