Have you tried the 6 homemade whitening and anti wrinkle facial mask and pigskin anti wrinkle facial mask? Have you tried 6 self-made whitening and anti wrinkle facial mask and pigskin anti wrinkle facial mask

Now there are many kinds of skin care products on the market – whitening and freckling, whitening and anti wrinkle, moisturizing and so on. However, the price of these various skin care products is high, and the effect seems not obvious, which makes many mm feel very distressed. Today, Xiaobian will introduce the self-made whitening and anti wrinkle facial mask. Help everyone whiten and wrinkle, double effect in one.

Self made whitening and anti wrinkle facial mask

1、 Whitening

1. Homemade banana yogurt facial mask

Materials: 1 / 4 avocados, 1 / 2 small or 1 / 4 large bananas, 1 teaspoon pure yogurt.


1. Mix avocado, banana and yogurt into a paste, apply them to the wetted face, and massage with both hands to promote blood circulation.

2. If you get better results, you can also apply gauze on the facial mask after massage, stay on your face for 10 minutes, wash it, and then apply toner and moisturizing products.

Efficacy: banana contains vitamins A, B, C and E; Oleic acid in avocado also has a good moisturizing effect; Lactic acid in yogurt promotes cell metabolism. Mm suitable for dry skin and removing acne, red marks and freckles

2. Tomato honey whitening

Ingredients: half a tomato, proper amount of honey.

How to do it: stir the tomatoes into tomato juice, then add appropriate amount of honey to stir until paste. Apply evenly to face or hands, and wash off after about 15 minutes. It is recommended to do it once or twice a week.

Efficacy: this whitening formula can whiten the face and hands at the same time. Especially for acne skin, it can effectively remove greasiness, prevent infection, and make skin white and delicate.

3. Strawberry and tomato Whitening Facial Mask

Materials: 5 strawberries and tomatoes.


1. Wash 5 strawberries and soak them in warm water for half an hour.

2. Wash the tomatoes, soak them in hot water for 3 minutes, peel and remove the seeds. Put the tomatoes and strawberries into a blender, add 10ml of mineral water to break them, and take them out to form a facial mask.


1. After washing your face, fumigate your face with hot air.

2. Apply this facial mask, wash it off half an hour later, and finally apply lotion and night cream.

4. Loofah egg yolk facial mask

How to do it: peel and seed half a loofah, mash it into a mud, add 1 egg yolk, and mix well.

Usage: evenly smear the facial mask on the face with a makeup brush, avoiding the eyes and lips. Wash with warm water after 15 minutes.

Effect: clean skin, remove dirt in cells, activate and moisturize skin, leaving skin delicate and tender after use.

2、 Anti wrinkle

1. Strawberry milk facial mask

Materials: Strawberry 50g, milk 100ml

How to do it: first mash 50g strawberries like mud, then add 100ml of milk, stir them into a paste, evenly smear them on your face, and wash them after 20 minutes.

2. Pigskin anti wrinkle facial mask

Materials: 500g fresh pig skin, 200g honey, 100g rice flour, 500ml water

How to do it: first wash and hair the fresh pig skin, cut it into small pieces, and put it into a casserole. Then add 500 ml of water, first boil it with high fire, and then simmer it into a thick juice with low fire. After that, add honey and rice flour and stir them together. After boiling, start the pot. After cooling, store them in the refrigerator.

Usage: before going to bed, apply this pig skin frozen film on the wrinkled part of the skin, and then wash it the next day; Or you can eat it directly, 10-15g each time, three times a day.

Efficacy: pig skin is rich in collagen, which can improve the elasticity of skin, tighten the contour, and effectively inhibit the generation of wrinkles.

3. Chestnut skin honey facial mask

Materials: chestnuts and honey

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