Fall to 4 tips to teach you to wear stockings healthily

silk stockings don’t have to have holes.

Many people think that as long as there are no holes in silk stockings, there is no need to buy good ones. In fact, the function of silk stockings is not only to dress up the legs, but also to consider health and have excellent performance.

First of all, high-quality silk stockings have the function of ventilation. Even in summer, they can discharge sultry moisture, so that you don’t have the trouble of sweat sticking to your skin, and your skin can freely contact with the air; The inferior silk stockings can not relax the sweat holes, affect the discharge of sweat, and the skin metabolites in sweat will stimulate the skin to itch and cause skin inflammation.

Secondly, high-quality silk stockings should be elastic, tighten the leg fat, make the leg lines more beautiful, and effectively prevent varicose veins. In particular, the elasticity extending to the abdomen should be stronger, helping to tighten the lower abdomen and shape a perfect body shape; Ordinary silk stockings do not have such a function.

Moreover, high-quality silk stockings should have strong adhesion and close fit with the skin. Even at the knees and popliteal sockets, there is no wrinkle, just like the second layer of skin. Moreover, the color of silk stockings is transparent and uniform, and the covering power is strong, so that the skin looks more delicate and shiny; And inferior silk stockings will feel uncomfortable on the body.

High quality silk stockings should be heat extended to make them more firm and wear-resistant. It is not easy to pull out silk. The heated silk is more anti-static. Without dust collection, it can avoid the embarrassment of adsorbing skirts; Ordinary silk stockings are easy to be hooked, and absorb dust and skirt, which not only affects beauty, but also is not conducive to protecting skin.

However, when choosing, we should also act according to our own economic strength. Silk stockings also have the function of maintaining normal body temperature and keeping the body clean. After wearing socks for a long time, the accumulated dirt is easy to decompose and emit strong malodor. They should be washed and changed frequently to keep feet comfortable and clean.

how to choose silk stockings

1. Choose a good texture

Socks are like underwear. Socks woven with different textures have different feelings and prices. Generally speaking, 100% Japanese goose down stockings are high-grade silk stockings, which are smooth, soft and elastic. Whether it is thickened or ultra-thin, it is very durable. The medium-grade stockings made of cored silk have super high elasticity and are not easy to snag. Ordinary 15d silk stockings, although not as tight and smooth as the first two, are affordable and therefore deeply loved.

2. Color selection

Because of the popularity of short skirts, socks have become more and more visually important. It can be said that the color of socks reflects a woman’s temperament. Skin color is an eternal color, which can be matched with various fashions; Gray is natural and generous, and it is better to match plain clothes. Women with beautiful bodies may as well choose high-grade electronic jacquard socks, which not only show the fashion atmosphere, but also better set off their beautiful bodies.

3. Look at the luster

Good stockings are those that can see the skin: good stockings, even thick stockings worn in autumn and winter, should have luster, so that beautiful legs can be seen faintly and show a hazy complexion. On the contrary, the legs will be made of wood, stiff and motionless.

4. Thickness selection

The thickness of stockings is standardized according to “denier”. The package of each pair of stockings is marked with how many “d” or “denier” stockings; Abbreviation: Dan. “D” or “denier” refers to the size unit of the fiber. Every 9000 meters, the weight of the fiber woven into the stockings is called “d”. Therefore, the higher the “d” number, the higher the relative weight of the fiber, and therefore the thickness. The smaller the “d” number, the thinner and more transparent the stockings will be.

50D, 60d, 70D, 80D and 120d can be selected in early spring when it is relatively cold, 20d, 40d, 50D, 60d and 70D can be selected in warm spring, 15d, 20d and 40d can be selected in early summer, 8D, 10d and 12D can be selected in summer, 5D and 6D can be selected in hot spots, 20d, 40d, 50D, 60d and 70D can be selected in early autumn when it is relatively warm, and 60d, 70D, 80D, 120d and 150D can be selected in late autumn. 80D is enough for those who are not afraid of cold in winter, and 120d, 150D, 200D, 300D or more can be selected for those who are afraid of cold, For example, 1600d is almost as thick as cotton pants.

Of course, good stockings should also fit the height of the legs. It should also be noted that if a woman has a history of allergic skin on her legs, she should appropriately choose socks made of pure cotton or with good ventilation. At the same time, she should also consider factors such as strong sunshine and sweating in summer. At the same time, when women buy stockings, they should also pay attention to the color of the stockings in the packaging bag, which is darker than the color they wear on their legs. Therefore, when choosing, you should choose something slightly darker than your favorite color.

how to wash and maintain silk stockings

1. Wash with neutral detergent in warm water. Do not wring it out. Use a dry towel to absorb excess water. When cleaning silk stockings, soak them in mild soapy water for a while, use mild neutral soap or shampoo to gently pat and scrub them in warm water (no more than 30 degrees). When drying them, use a towel to absorb excessive water, and avoid sunlight. As long as they are directly exposed to the sun, their fiber elasticity will be greatly reduced, and then dry them with a clothes clip between the opening of the stockings. Don’t dry them on an uneven drying rack, which is easy to snag.

2. Dry in a cool place.

Don’t iron in the sun.

4. If washing with a washing machine, please put the stockings into the washing net first and then put them into the washing machine.

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