What to consider when buying yoga mat

Friends should pay attention to the following points when buying yoga mats:

1. Whether it is easy to clean.

2. Whether it is easy to pave and wrinkle when laid flat on the ground.

3. Whether it is sticky.

4. Whether it will slip after sweating.

5. Whether it is easy to carry.

6. Is “service life” marked.

7. Whether the material is environmentally friendly and harmful to the environment and body.

The above are the issues to consider when buying yoga mats. In addition, the usual simple cleaning of yoga mats can be put into a spray with two cups of water and four drops of dishwashing detergent. After spraying and washing the yoga mats, dry them with a dry cloth.

If the mat is very dirty, wash it with detergent and water. The washing powder should be as little as possible, because any residue will make the yoga mat slippery in the future. Gently scrub the mat with a cloth dipped in washing powder and water, rinse it with water, and finally roll up the yoga mat with a dry towel to absorb the excess water and dry it.

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