How to use the whitening essence for the best effect? How to use the whitening essence for the best effect

It is more effective to adjust the use according to the physiological cycle

The week after menstruation is the best time for intensive whitening care. At this time, the secretion of estrogen will be greatly increased. Therefore, the skin will be in a particularly good condition and the skin will appear particularly strong. It is not only difficult to be sensitive, but also can absorb whitening ingredients to the maximum extent and “achieve transformation” as soon as possible.

Best effect at night

Whitening essence usually contains pure VC and other ingredients, and some substances have photosensitivity. If they are exposed to the sun, their efficacy will be greatly reduced. Therefore, it is recommended to use whitening essence every night. In the daytime, use moisturizing or oil controlling essence products as needed.

The combination of whitening essence + spot Lightening Essence can achieve faster results

The spots on the cheeks are the most difficult to eliminate. Therefore, when using the comprehensive whitening essence, it is recommended to match the essence with local light spots, so that the whitening can be more balanced and comprehensive.

Pressing technique can absorb faster

Unlike the rich texture of anti-aging products, whitening essence is usually light and thin, so the application method of massage is not conducive to the absorption of whitening essence. It is recommended to use the pressing technique, use the temperature of the palm, gently cover the cheek and stay for a while to help absorb the essence.

Whitening essence needs “mix and match” maintenance

Whitening essence usually does not distinguish skin types, but as the most critical step to supplement nutrition for skin, the role of essence is crucial. In addition to whitening, different skin types will also face various other skin problems. For example, it is easy to get acne in summer, which requires oil control, or skin aging needs to be repaired. Therefore, while whitening, you must mix and match some other products according to your own skin needs.

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