Take stock of the hidden disfigurement mysteries in whitening, and take stock of the hidden secrets in whitening

The human skin is divided into four layers. Its normal metabolic process is about 20 days, and the stratum corneum will replace itself. Therefore, from a medical point of view, if a product can achieve a rapid whitening effect within 20 days, it must contain some pharmaceutical ingredients prohibited by cosmetics. Whitening and freckling can only be changed slowly and gradually, and “fast whitening and freckling” for a few hours or days is harmful to human health. Fast whitening is “fast peeling”. Using cosmetics containing excessive heavy metals can indeed make the skin look much whiter in a short time, and it also has the effect of lightening spots, which is due to the role of heavy metals.

On the one hand, heavy metal ions such as lead and mercury can prevent the formation of melanin and make the skin white; On the other hand, these heavy metal ions will also peel off the cuticle at the top of the skin, exposing the immature skin at the bottom, so the skin looks white and tender. The price of fast whitening emphasizes that quick whitening products often cause irreparable damage to the skin, and mercury damage is the most typical example: cosmetics containing excessive mercury can make the skin white and delicate in a short time, but if they are stopped, the skin will return to its previous state, or even worse, so it is difficult to stop once it is used.

In order to maintain a good whitening state for a long time, many people will use it for a long time. Unexpectedly, these seemingly magical chemical ingredients have a strong light absorption effect, which will produce abnormal pigmentation on the skin, deepen the original color spots, and may also cause skin peeling layer by layer; Moreover, due to its peeling effect on the cuticle of the skin, the skin becomes extremely sensitive, and the sun will cause rash immediately, and it is particularly easy to dry.

Beauty tip: heavy metal components (especially mercury and lead) that can make skin whiten quickly will not only harm the skin, but also cause chronic poisoning after long-term absorption by the skin. Serious cases can lead to damage to human bones, teeth, liver and kidney functions and nerves, with serious consequences. Related notes: Although the higher the content of melanin in the skin, the darker the skin will appear, from the perspective of cancer prevention and skin care, the higher the content of melanin, the less likely it is to suffer from skin diseases.

Because it can absorb most of ultraviolet rays and greatly reduce the transmission of ultraviolet rays (UVA and UVB), it can protect the skin from biological damage caused by ultraviolet rays and visible rays, protect and alleviate acute or chronic inflammation of the skin caused by sunlight, and prevent sunburn, aging and cancer caused by sunlight.

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