Can I use acne removing skin care products during lactation? Can I use acne removing skin care products during lactation

It is everyone’s nature to love beauty. It is very common for women to use skin care products, but for mothers who are breastfeeding after childbirth, skin care products are a relatively contradictory problem. On the one hand, if they are not maintained, skin problems will become more and more serious. On the other hand, the ingredients in skin care products may be harmful to breastfeeding. So, can I use anti acne skin care products during the feeding period?

Can I use anti acne skin care products during lactation

Lactating mothers are prone to acne, especially those with oily skin, due to estrogen secretion, excessive sebum secretion, excessive coking of hair follicle mouth epithelium and other reasons.

Mothers can use skin care products during lactation, but they need to be careful when choosing skin care products. Some pure plant-based skin care products without adding any harmful ingredients are suitable for lactation mothers. But now the market is chaotic, and some products that claim to be natural and without added chemical ingredients can not guarantee absolute safety, so it is recommended not to use acne products at this time. If harmful substances are added to the skin care products used by mothers, these harmful substances may enter the blood through the skin, and eventually be converted into breast milk, which will be absorbed by babies, thus causing adverse effects on babies.

It is recommended to drink more water and eat more vegetables and fruits, and the seasoning must be light; Eat less high-fat food, must ban smoking, alcohol, spicy, fried food, and don’t pick with your hands, otherwise it will easily lead to infection and scar after treatment. You can also use some safe ways to eliminate acne, DIY it yourself.

1. Cut a fresh cucumber into thin slices, wipe your face with a hot towel, stick cucumber slices on your face one by one, take them off after ten minutes, and then wipe your face with a hot towel. Apply cucumber to your face once a day to clean pores and soften skin.

2. Immerse the compressed facial mask in milk, apply it to your face after soaking, apply it for about 10 minutes, and then wipe your face clean. This can have the effect of exfoliating and whitening.

3. Stir the lemon juice and egg white together, and then evenly smear them on your face. When the liquid is dry, wash it. This can make the skin tender and delicate.

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