Is autumn and winter the best time to remove freckles? Is autumn and winter the better time to remove freckles

Many female friends freckle again and again, and finally the spots do not go, but leave ugly scars. In fact, in addition to the wrong freckle removal method, the repeated appearance of the color plate is also likely to be the wrong freckle removal time. Experts point out that autumn and winter are the best time to remove freckles. If you want to eradicate color spots and remove freckles without rebound, you should choose autumn and winter to go to a regular hospital for treatment.

Skin metabolism becomes slower in autumn and winter, with better freckle removing effect

Why is autumn and winter the most suitable climate for removing color spots? Experts explained that in autumn and winter, skin metabolism slows down, resulting in slow growth of melanin. Therefore, after each correct treatment, melanin will gradually decrease until it is completely cured. In addition, the climate in autumn and winter is relatively dry, the facial epidermis is easy to fall off, and the highlighting of spots is conducive to the treatment effect. In addition, the temperature in autumn and winter is suitable, which is the best time for the skin to repair damaged cells.

Autumn and winter freckle removal is easier and color spots are less likely to recur

Since the formation of color spots is related to sunlight exposure, sunlight is an essential factor for the occurrence of color spots. Because direct ultraviolet radiation in summer will activate the casease enzyme in skin cells and produce oxidation, stimulating cells to produce too much melanin, thus forming color spots. Freckle removal in summer, once the sun protection measures are insufficient after treatment, the probability of color spot recurrence will be greatly increased, and ultimately it will fail.

The sunlight in autumn and winter is relatively mild, and the ultraviolet rays will be greatly weakened. At this time, freckle removal can not only reduce the probability of ultraviolet radiation, but also avoid the recurrence of color spots caused by external factors.

Remove freckles in autumn and winter and show perfect skin

Freckle removal in summer is easy to recur, and for the climate in autumn and winter, the skin is easy to dry, and the freckled and dry skin makes the patient look older. This phenomenon is undoubtedly a double blow to women. If you want to have perfect skin, you’d better do a good job of freckling as soon as possible. Freckling in autumn and winter can not only let you get rid of color spots easily, but also let you catch up with the new year and next summer, and show your white, smooth and tender skin with confidence!

Autumn and winter are indeed a good time to remove all kinds of color spots. Whether it is chloasma, pregnancy spot, computer radiation spot or other color spots, it can be eradicated by the original melanin reduction technology created by South China chloasma special diagnosis center. Known as the “real king of freckle removal”, the melanin reduction technology combines the concept of external treatment and internal cultivation. It is a set of scientific freckle removal therapy that treats both the symptoms and the symptoms. It is safe, non-invasive, internal and external removal, thorough freckle removal and effective prevention of color spot rebound.

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