What’s the best way to whiten and dispel yellowness? Here are some tips to teach you not to be a yellow faced woman!

1. Natural dark yellow skin type: nourishing blood and Qi

“Yellow faced woman” is most commonly seen in people who are born with poor spleen. If such people want to make their skin ruddy and shiny, they must adjust internally for a long time and do a good job in nourishing blood and Qi to get rid of the title of “yellow faced woman”. Red dates, donkey hide gelatin, red beans and so on are all good products for nourishing blood. Common foods such as yam, potato and potato have a good Qi tonic effect. Of course, in addition to supplementing qi and blood, sleep is also vital. High quality sleep can make skin shiny.

2. All night sleepers: get enough sleep

Staying up all night and working overtime ranks second among the Yellow faced. Staying up late for a long time directly affects the dormancy of the skin and the digestive function of the intestines and stomach. The human liver starts to detoxify at 11:00, and staying up late for a long time will directly lead to the accumulation of toxins. If accumulated for a long time, the skin will gradually lose its luster. The best way is to ensure sleep. It’s best to start sleeping at about 10. A glass of milk before bed can help you get to sleep.


3. Smoking and drinking stress type: quit smoking and drinking

The high-speed development of society has brought heavy pressure to people, which has led many girls to use tobacco and alcohol to relieve the pressure. However, little do we know that smoking and drinking will directly lead to poor blood and lymphatic circulation, and the toxins can not be discharged normally, which will make the skin dark and yellow. In this case, the most effective way is to quit smoking and drinking, and relieve the pressure through other healthy ways. For example, exercise can not only relieve pressure, but also sweat and detoxify.

4. Skin aging makes skin dark and yellow: supplement collagen

With the gradual aging of the skin, the cells begin to lose vitality, and the aging cells continue to deposit, making the skin look dark and yellow. In this case, we must start to think hard about how to revitalize the cells. The best way is to replenish water and collagen, so that the skin can regain its elasticity and luster. Eat more collagen rich foods such as pig’s feet and cartilage to supplement collagen. On the other hand, pay attention to sunscreen to avoid the loss of collagen. Only in this way can you make your skin not afraid of dark yellow.


Tips for removing yellowing:

1. If you want to brighten your skin in an instant, the most effective way is to make up. Choose some foundation make-up that can brighten the skin color for decoration, and then create a ruddy look with the help of natural powder Blusher.

2. In addition to make-up, ordinary skin care products should also be selective. Skin care products with uniform skin tone and brightening effect should be the first choice.

3. Drink more whitening drinks, such as lemon juice, sugarcane juice, honey, milk, etc., to brighten and whiten the skin.

4. It is also necessary to drink more water and exercise. Timely detoxification can reduce the dull state of the skin.

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