How to stay away from the Yellow faced woman? What are the skin care methods

We must do a good job in skin care for our faces. Everyone should take good care of their skin and refuse to be a yellow faced woman. This is what every woman should do well. Although the Chinese are yellow, it is also said that one white covers three ugly. Who doesn’t want to have fair skin? However, there are many factors in life that can lead to dark yellow skin. How can you whiten dark yellow skin?

What are the causes of dark yellow skin?

1. Staying up late leads to insufficient sleep

Night is a vigorous period of cell metabolism. Staying up late will make it difficult for cell metabolism to proceed smoothly, destroy the conditioning rhythm of organs, and lead to thickening of stratum corneum and dark yellow skin.

2. Too much ultraviolet radiation

Ultraviolet rays are the main killer of skin aging. Too much ultraviolet radiation will cause confusion in texture, poor blood circulation, melanin accumulation, and dark yellow skin over time.

3. Dry skin

Dry skin is usually accompanied by dark yellow skin. On the one hand, the moisture in the stratum corneum is insufficient, which naturally makes it difficult to make the skin moist and glossy. On the other hand, dry skin will have fine lines, and if it gathers too much, it will be like a layer of gray on the face, making the skin look dark yellow.

4. Uncleanness

Many babies make up when they go out, but if they don’t remove their makeup thoroughly after coming back, dirt will remain on their skin and deteriorate, which will make their skin dull and dull.

how to whiten dark yellow skin

1. Milk whitening: prepare a small cup of fresh milk (in summer, you can also put the fresh milk in the refrigerator and apply it cool, which will be more comfortable). Steam your face with steam, fill the cotton pad with fresh milk, apply it on your face for about 15 minutes, take it off, and wash the milk on your face with water. Long term persistence can make the skin white and even.

2. Prepare three finger wide and two finger long aloe leaves with spots on the face to remove the thorns and wash them, then a piece of cucumber three centimeters long, egg white, 2-3 grams of pearl powder, and an appropriate amount of flour (used to dilute and thicken). Put aloe vera and cucumber into a juicer and pour them into a small bowl. Then add egg white, pearl powder and a proper amount of flour to make a paste, subject to no downward flow. Wash your face, put the prepared paste on your face, dry it, wash it, and pat it with skin softener and skin care products, 1-2 times a week.

3. Tomato honey whitening. This whitening formula can whiten both face and hands. Especially for acne skin, it can effectively remove greasiness, prevent infection, and make skin white and delicate. Usage: stir the tomatoes into tomato juice, then add appropriate amount of honey to stir until paste. Apply evenly to face or hands, and wash off after about 15 minutes. It is recommended to do it 1-2 times a week

4. Tomato + glycerin. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C and vitamin A, which can resist oxidation, prevent aging, fade melanin, and inhibit the formation of color spots. Add a spoonful of glycerol to the juice of a tomato. Wash your face with this liquid at least once a day for 10 minutes, and then wash your face. Dry skin can be coated with skin cream. After long-term use, freckles become dim and disappear completely.

Dark yellow skin is the trouble of many women. How can we have white and tender skin? Xiaobian recommends 7 tips to make dark yellow skin white and tender.

method to whiten dark yellow skin: cucumber dressing

Cucumber is a good food for beauty and skin care, so before going to bed at night, cut the cucumber into slices, apply it to your face for a few minutes, and persist for one month. Your skin will become white and tender.

method to whiten dark yellow skin: apply lotion on the face

Use the cotton pad commonly used in make-up to apply to your face. Before going to bed every night, soak the clean cotton pad in make-up water, completely wet it, and apply it to your face for 20 minutes. After 3 weeks, you can achieve a satisfactory whitening effect, and your skin will become clearer.

method to turn dark yellow skin white: 2 cups of water in the morning

Women need to replenish water. If they have enough water, they will naturally have good skin. Therefore, they should drink 2 cups of boiled water after getting up every morning. In order to increase the effect, they can add an appropriate amount of salt to the clear water, which can clear the intestines and eliminate toxins.

ways to whiten dark yellow skin: isolation and sunscreen

Ultraviolet rays make our skin dark yellow and black. To avoid this problem, we must do a good job of sunscreen and isolation before going out. We can use sunscreen and isolation cream with good effects. In addition, remember to remove your makeup immediately after you get home.

method to whiten dark yellow skin: wash your face alternately with warm water and cold water

Breaking the traditional way of washing your face, wash your face with warm water first and then cold water again, which can better clean pores and reduce pores.

method to whiten dark yellow skin: Yakult face

Use Yakult after cleaning your face in the evening. Soak the cotton pad with Yakult and apply it on both cheeks, forehead and chin to remove freckles and whiten.

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