7 moves of acne dispelling strength sect? I’ll give you some tips to fight acne quickly

Strength move 1: before battle pox

Before squeezing acne, clean your hands. It’s best to use an exfoliating facial mask to soften the stratum corneum and make acne easier to squeeze out. However, if you have inflamed acne, remember not to rub it when exfoliating. Prepare the hands for acne, and it’s best to wipe them again with makeup water.

Strength move 2: fight acne after cleansing

After washing your face, don’t wipe anything on the place where you want to squeeze the acne, especially don’t use astringent lotion, which will shrink the pores and make it harder to squeeze out the acne. As for the youth stick to be used, first disinfect it with sprinkling essence or makeup water.

Strength move 3: use tools

When the youth stick squeezes acne, the range of contact is small, and it will not affect or damage the normal skin next to the acne. But at the beginning, it may not be easy to use, and if some people forget to clean with the youth stick, the pimples will stay on the pus, and then spread to the next pimple, which is a bit like an infectious disease.

Strength move 4: lotion softens cutin

To deal with stubborn acne, wipe the soft cuticle lotion first, and you will find that it is particularly easy to squeeze it, just like when removing the acne facial mask, you must use the cuticle softening beauty solution.

Strength move 5: pay attention to your hands

However, the tissue paper exposed in the air still has the risk of pollution, so it is recommended that you choose the second one below when extracting the tissue paper. If you want to squeeze with a youth stick, remember to squeeze acne with the smaller end of the hole, which looks like a circle of iron wire. Squeeze acne with the larger end of the hole, which looks deeper and protrudes round.

Strength move 6: be patient

When squeezing, just put the acne opening in the middle of the circle and press it down, or move it slowly until the hole meets the edge of the iron wire. If you can’t squeeze it out at once, you may have different directions. You can try to turn in another direction.

Strength move 7: don’t be rude

After pulling out acne, you will find that many acne have not been uprooted. At this time, as long as you take out the clip for pinching eyebrows and use the corner to pinch out a small section of acne, the acne will really be clean. However, if you find that both acne and pimples can be squeezed out easily, it is recommended that you do not use too much force and violence, and you should apply the medicine obediently!

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