How many ways to turn into snow white in spring? I’ll teach you some tricks to turn into snow white in spring

Heart whitening method 1

Make up removal and cleaning should be gentle and thorough to avoid residual makeup or dirt irritating the skin and causing “inflammation and blackness”.

The key is to knead the cleansing products to produce dense foam

If foam is not thoroughly rubbed, in addition to the washing effect, direct contact between the finger pulp and the face skin may also cause irritation due to excessive force. After thoroughly cleaning every inch of the face, remember to flush a lot of water until the foam is completely cleaned.

The towel shall be pressed and shall not be rubbed back and forth

If the action of wiping your face with a towel is not correct, it will also cause irritation and damage to your face. Remember to press gently, not to wipe back and forth rudely. Over time, even fine lines will be wiped out!


Heart whitening method 2

Exfoliate regularly every week to make the normal metabolism and maintenance of keratin more efficient.

Choose suitable exfoliating care products

Exfoliating the old waste horniness can restore the metabolism of the face skin to normal and make the skin look bright. Therefore, exfoliation is a very important maintenance step. However, you should still choose the exfoliation products that are suitable for you according to your skin type and skin condition. Excessive exfoliation will also harm the skin. Be careful!.


Heart whitening method 3

Moisturizing and transparent precursor. The first maintenance to wake up the skin

Let moisturizing ingredients really penetrate and absorb

After washing the face, you can use make-up water to regulate the skin, and then use lotion or moisturizing essence to regulate the skin when it is full of moisture, so that the maintenance ingredients can be more truly absorbed and penetrated, which is efficient maintenance.

Let the lotion absorb by tapping

After all the high-performance lotion has lost the entire cotton pad, wipe it from bottom to top and from inside to outside along the skin lines, and then tap the easily dry cheeks with lotion until the lotion or essence is really absorbed.


Heart whitening method 4

Whitening essence, strengthen the centralized removal of melanin.

Use essence with relatively pure whitening ingredients

The reason why essence sells more expensive than other general maintenance products is that the concentration of maintenance ingredients contained in it is higher or more pure. Therefore, if you are troubled by melanin precipitation, you can use whitening essence to strengthen the anti black.

Use in local areas that need to be strengthened

Generally, the places where melanin is easy to precipitate and accumulate are the places where the sun is easy to touch the cheeks and nose. After basic maintenance, you can use highly concentrated essence or spot Lightening Essence to gently smear on these places to help penetration and absorption.


Heart whitening method 5

Repair at night, and you will have a bright look when you sleep.

First, warm cream products by hand

Some cream products that are slightly greasy to use during the day can be slowly absorbed during sleep because of high skin temperature, pore expansion and less oil output at night. However, please remember to put them on your hands before use and warm them with your hands, so that they will be evenly applied on your face.

Push and wipe along the skin texture

The temperature of the palm is actually a small helper to help the product absorb. After evenly smearing the maintenance products on the face, you can rub your palm and gently move it on the face by pressing, so that the maintenance products can be absorbed more quickly.


Heart whitening method 6

Eye care can not be less, so that black circles and bags under the eyes do not cause trouble.

Promote blood gas circulation around eyes

It’s embarrassing to have two circles of black wheels hanging on your skin when your skin turns white, so you can’t neglect the eye care before going to bed. The blood gas around your eyes is not circulating, which will cause black circles and loose eye lines. Therefore, the most effective solution is to promote blood gas circulation around the eyes, improve skin metabolism, and effectively remove melanin precipitation.


Heart whitening method 7

Daytime isolation and protection, fundamentally isolating ultraviolet radiation damage.

Isolate and decorate one bottle

If you want to isolate ultraviolet radiation damage and modify facial defects at the same time, BB cream is definitely a good choice for you. However, it should be noted that you need to supplement the isolation cream or BB cream every other time to really achieve the protective effect.

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