How to effectively dispel acne marks? How to effectively dispel acne marks

It’s hard to get rid of acne, but the acne marks still stay. So what can remove acne? Here are some effective ways to remove acne marks, so that your skin can become white and flawless.

Brown sugar to remove acne marks

After cleaning the face, put a small spoonful of brown sugar in the palm of your hand, add an appropriate amount of water to mix, apply brown sugar water on your face, massage from bottom to top and from inside to outside, and wash with water after 10 minutes.

Pearl powder + egg white

Pearl powder has an effect on acne marks. When mixed with egg white, pearl powder can whiten the skin. Egg white can lubricate the skin and remove acne marks. Use the egg white of an egg and pearl powder to stir well. The two can be smeared on your face, and then washed after 15 minutes. If you persist in using them, you can remove the acne marks.

Purslane to remove acne marks

Mash purslane into juice and apply it directly to the place with acne marks, or mix it with honey to make a facial mask. The effect of removing acne marks is very significant.

Wash your face with rice washing water

Some nutrients such as starch, protein and vitamins are dissolved in the rice washing water. Choose the second time of rice washing water to slowly clarify it. Then take the clean water on it to wash your face. Your skin color will become white and delicate, and the acne marks will gradually fade away.

Chrysanthemum egg whitening and acne removing

Chrysanthemum has the effect of reducing fire, and eggs help whiten. Mix chrysanthemum and egg white together, and then apply it on the face. After the egg white is dry, wash it, apply skin care products, and persist in using it to eliminate acne marks.

Egg pearl powder to remove acne marks

Mix the egg white of a raw egg with an appropriate amount of medicinal pearl powder, stir it thoroughly and evenly, apply it evenly on the face, thicken it as much as possible, wash it off after 15 minutes, twice a week, which can effectively remove acne marks.

Massage to remove acne marks

Massage can promote the blood circulation and metabolism of the skin, effectively improve the self-healing ability of the skin, and effectively remove acne marks by using massage methods. When massage is combined with products with repairing ability, the effect can be better.

Red wine to remove acne marks

Red wine is rich in fruit acid, which can promote the metabolism of the skin and dilute the pigment. Add a little white vinegar and water to red wine to mix it well, then soak it thoroughly with cotton wool, apply it to the place with acne marks on the face, and wash it after ten minutes to effectively eliminate acne marks.

Yogurt acne removing method

The method of removing acne marks with yogurt is very simple. You don’t need to prepare yogurt specially. Every time you drink the leftover yogurt, you can smear it on the place with acne marks, spend the night directly, and wash it off the next day. Tips: yogurt should be low-fat or defatted as far as possible to avoid fat granules due to excessive nutrients. Precautions: develop good eating and sleeping habits, eat less spicy food, supplement vitamin C, such as lemon and tomato, and drink more water or lemonade.

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