How many ways to create winter snow goddess? I’ll teach you a few moves to create a winter snow goddess

White, flawless, transparent and glossy skin is what mm are pursuing, but how can they whiten quickly? Don’t worry, today I will recommend you some tips for facial beauty and whitening, which are practical, effective, safe and natural. This winter, you will become the goddess of white muscle.

1、 Whitening with vinegar + salt

Materials: white vinegar, salt, purified water

How to do it: mix white vinegar, salt and purified water in the ratio of 3:1:9, and then mix them together. After the salt is completely dissolved in water, soak it with a towel, and then use it to wipe your face. The effect is very good in the morning and evening, but it should be persistent.

2、 Whitening with Aloe

Materials: aloe leaf, cucumber, egg white, pearl powder, flour

How to do it: clean the fresh aloe leaves and cucumbers, put them into the juicer together, squeeze them, pour them into the facial mask bowl, then take an appropriate amount of egg white, pearl powder and flour, mix them into a paste, smear them on your face, remove them after they dry quickly, wash them, and put on cosmetics and other daily skin care products. 1-2 times a week.

3、 Whitening with lemon

Materials: lemon, water, flour

How to do it: squeeze a fresh lemon, then add 1 times of purified water to dilute it, then add an appropriate amount of flour to make it sticky, apply it to your face, take it off in about 15-20 minutes, and clean it, 2-3 times a week. This method has a very good effect on whitening skin, and has the functions of astringent pores, keeping skin fresh, and delaying skin aging if used consistently for a long time.

4、 Whitening with vegetable juice

Materials: cucumber, celery, carrot, green apple

How to do it: clean all the above materials, put them into the juicer together, and drink after squeezing. This fruit and vegetable juice can supplement the nutrition needed by the human body, which is also rich in vitamin C, which is very helpful for whitening and antioxidation. One cup a day can also improve skin problems.

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