How to get the best whitening effect in winter? Skin whitening starts from these four periods

Whitening is the first point of many women’s skin care. After summer’s exposure, winter naturally becomes the best time for women to whiten. At this time, learn the correct whitening method. When spring is warm and flowers are blooming, you will definitely be able to show people in a white image.

So how to whiten in winter? Experts have summarized the 24-hour big battle plan. Let’s learn it! Morning: whitening starts with moisturizing. When you sleep, your skin also rests. After a night’s sleep, your skin has a full rest.

When you wake up in the morning, drink a glass of water to quench your thirst, and then hydrate your skin! To reach the deep layer of the skin, whitening products need hydrated skin. If the moisturizing degree is not enough, the whitening nutrition cannot penetrate, and the skin has no metabolic power. Then it is a waste to use expensive whitening products.

Of course, a good product should be better absorbed, and it can’t be better matched with massage cream.

Women’s metabolism slows down after the age of 25, and sometimes it needs external force to effectively stimulate it.

Massage can promote the blood circulation of facial skin, reduce the deposition of color spots, and promote the absorption of maintenance products.

Give yourself a good massage, because 80% of the whitening ingredients are water-based. Only after the cell granary is cleaned can whitening military food be stored.

Noon: whitening and sunscreen are impeccable. If you want to whiten, you must take sunscreen measures. Whitening is inseparable from sunscreen.

When you go out at noon, you should try to reduce the contact with the sun, because the ultraviolet rays are the strongest and the damage to the skin is the greatest. Therefore, you should put sunscreen products on your skin when you prepare a sunshade.

Sunscreen must be impeccable in order to make the whitening campaign worry free.

If you have to be exposed to the sun for a long time, you also need a post sun repair product to help you relieve your dry and hot skin and prevent the deposition of melanin.

Afternoon: strengthen hydration to resist invasion. Air conditioning in the office is the enemy of the skin. It can drain the moisture of the skin, make the water and oil imbalance of the skin, and cause the skin to be dry, oily and make-up.

Coupled with most of the day’s hard work, my skin is also dark due to computer radiation.

At this time, whitening lotion can save your haggard muscles, and making good use of it can make your whitening work twice the result with half the effort.

When your skin feels dry and oily in the afternoon, gently wipe it with a cotton pad dipped in a sufficient amount of make-up water, which can not only help you remove the oily light, but also replenish water and whiten.

If it’s troublesome, you can also use moisturizing spray instead! Night: serious cleaning is essential to whitening. Cleaning is an essential step, which is the prelude to skin whitening.

Facial cleansers with whitening effect generally have good degreasing and exfoliating ability, which can make whitening energy quickly reach the defective parts.

After washing my face, I can finally sleep soundly.

Before going to bed, relax, forget all your troubles, and make a whitening facial mask comfortably! Put on the whitening facial mask, close your eyes and absorb the whitening energy to your heart’s content! Don’t forget to take off the facial mask after 15 minutes, wash your face and apply night cream before going to bed! Whitening is not just applying those whitening products, nor is it just sticking a facial mask every three to five days. It requires 24 hours of comprehensive skin care, so as to achieve the whitening effect.

People who love beauty can first learn the above 24-hour battle secrets, choose a suitable skin care scheme, and at the same time, develop good living habits, drink more water and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables!

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