How to whiten your skin in winter? 6 Skin Whitening Tips to make you white and charming

As the saying goes, “a white skin can cover a thousand ugly things”. White skin can enhance personal charm, improve your appearance, and get more returns.

Winter is a good time to whiten. We must not miss this good opportunity! So how to whiten in winter? We must master the correct method. Experts have summarized some whitening secrets, and we hope to help you! 1. First replenish water and then whiten. Whitening products must be used on wet skin. Only in this way can whitening ingredients be absorbed by the skin in the widest range and fastest, and can the product give full play to its whitening effect.

2. Radiation protection and oxidation resistance in addition to being damaged by ultraviolet rays outdoors, modern urban office workers also suffer from ultraviolet rays and radiation emitted by fluorescent lamps, computer screens and some office equipment in the office, which will make their skin black and yellow.

However, this kind of skin color is not very black, that is, it is dark and uneven, lacking water, rough and lusterless.

For dark skin caused by various kinds of radiation, what we need most is protection and sufficient nutrients. In addition to choosing whitening and skin care products with repair and resistance effects, we should also do a good job in daily radiation protection at all times. We can choose moisturizing and isolating cream and BB cream with antioxidant factors.

3. Exfoliation: in summer, the skin metabolism is vigorous, but in autumn and winter, the skin metabolism becomes slower, which makes the aged horniness on the face accumulate, affects the refraction of light, and naturally makes the skin unable to regain its luster.

At the same time, the thick accumulation of horniness will also refuse the whitening and nutrition of the skin.

4. Sunscreen in winter is not as strong as in summer, but it does not mean that there is no UV. For women who want to whiten, sunscreen is a 365 day uninterrupted work.

You also need to carry a solar umbrella to block ultraviolet rays.

5. Dietotherapy whitening skin whitening can be improved by dietotherapy, which is simply good news for foodies.

Those who want to whiten may as well eat more foods rich in vitamin C, such as tomatoes, oranges, hawthorn, citrus and so on.

These foods are good for inhibiting the formation of melanin.

6. Ensure adequate sleep sleep is the best method of beauty and whitening, which can not only effectively relieve the pressure at ordinary times, but also increase the elasticity of the skin.

Moreover, during sleep, it is the best time for the skin to absorb nutrients. At this time, some natural whitening and skin care products can be absorbed by the skin at night, so as to achieve the effect of skin whitening.

The weather in winter is relatively dry. We should also do a good job in moisturizing while whitening, so as to make the skin more tender and get rid of the problem of dry skin peeling.

Winter whitening should pay attention to the correct method, don’t blindly pursue those star products, what suits you is the best.

Do a good job of sunscreen when you go out. Although the sun is not strong in winter, ultraviolet rays will still tan you!

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