What are the common whitening misunderstandings? Eight whitening misunderstandings to pay attention to in skin care

In the eyes of Chinese people, white skin is more charming, and white is the beauty! In life, women have paid a lot in pursuit of whitening, but the effect is not obvious.

Expert analysis found that they may have been affected by some misunderstandings, and it is difficult to come back in vain.

So what are the common whitening misconceptions? Experts have made some conclusions. Let’s understand these misunderstandings one by one! Myth 1: facial cleansers and toners can whiten. Many brands have launched whitening facial cleansers. Conceptually, they also claim that “beauty begins with cleaning your face”, but in fact, this is more of a conceptual hype.

The time that facial cleanser stays on the skin is so short, and its main role is to clean the skin. Even if whitening ingredients are added to it, it can’t play its role so quickly: the same is true of American and Japanese toner products. Its main function is to balance the acid-base value of the skin. The concentration of whitening products is very few, and its role is certainly very limited.

Myth 2: famous brand whitening is perfect. During the first and second world wars, due to lack of materials, many women appeared many black spots on their faces after using inferior cosmetics. This kind of female facial melanoderma was also known as “war melanoderma”.

Nowadays, cosmetics emphasize high quality, nature, and although melanoderma has been reduced, many problems of unadaptation of cosmetics have arisen.

Are you obsessed with brand names and prices? Do you think that as long as the price is not cheap, it is the best choice? In fact, the principle of choosing maintenance products is to take “fit yourself” as the first priority, just like choosing shoes. No matter how beautiful and novel the shoes are, as long as they don’t fit, they have to give up; Therefore, don’t buy a whole set of expensive cosmetics at one go unless you are sure to “match” yourself! Myth 3: lack of sleep has nothing to do with whitening. Sleeping soundly and well means sleeping full. Have you considered both the quality and quantity of sleep? Although everyone needs different hours of sleep and faces different pressures, staying up late, staying up all night, sacrificing sleep and overdrawing youth not only slow down metabolism and melanin deposition, but also cause black spots, freckles and dark circles under the eyes.

In fact, as long as you have a regular life, normal work and rest and enough sleep, you can get free whitening without spending a dime. Have you done it? Myth 4: eating at random will also damage beautiful women. Are you also addicted to certain foods? If you don’t drink coffee, eat spicy pot, McDonald’s and chocolate, you will feel depressed or uncomfortable all over? From the point of view of whitening by eating, those foods hidden behind beautiful packaging are really the enemy of whitening, and we can’t take it lightly.!

In fact, contraindications are really important for you who want to whiten. You must eat light, especially eat more green vegetables and fresh fruits, and supplement vitamin C, job’s tears, milk, honey and lemon at any time. It has a good effect of weakening spots! Myth 5: a set of whitening products is popular in the world. Even in China, the temperature will vary by tens of degrees from south to north, not to mention other regions or countries? Modern people often travel indoors and outdoors, at home and abroad. Different regions, seasons, latitudes and altitudes have different temperature and humidity characteristics. If you often go back and forth in hot and cold temperatures, don’t expect to travel around the world with the same set of whitening products.

The dazzling array of sunscreen products and different sun protection factors are actually correction products developed for different time and space. Don’t bring great harm to the skin because of neglect! Myth 6: one exposure to the sun will not affect whitening. This is a genuine idea of “lazy beauty”.

You should know that even if comprehensive sun protection measures are taken, as long as you go to the seaside or the mountains for a day, you will soon turn black, not to mention not being protected? Sun exposure can accumulate bonus points. No matter whether it is exposed to the sun for a long time, it must be watertight. Otherwise, a slight mistake may result in all previous efforts being wasted.

Therefore, only by doing a good job of cleaning and maintenance persistently can your whitening dream come true! Myth 7: the best way to turn white overnight is not to be tempted by exaggerated and untrue advertisements, thinking that as long as you lie there, you can immediately get white skin.

You should know that there is no quick way to whiten. You must use mild products and gradually change into white skin after day-to-day maintenance.

In addition, if you want to perform whitening operations such as fruit acid skin replacement and laser spot removal, although you can achieve rapid whitening effect, if you want to take action after you are excited, you must inquire clearly and find a professional beauty agency or hospital with guaranteed quality. After you know your skin quality, you can take action.

Myth 8: whitening products can remove the spots on the face. Whitening maintenance products can never remove the spots on the face. Their role is to make melanin disperse more evenly, decompose pigment particles more finely and inhibit melanin production. The final result is to dilute the spots, reduce the probability of spot formation, and make the face look more uniform and bright.

However, once the maintenance is improper, the spots will come out again.

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