Teach you how to use milk for skin care. Master three tips for milk skin care

Many women hope that they can be more beautiful and white. They have tried various whitening methods, but the effect is not particularly ideal.

Is there any effective whitening method? Milk whitening is a method that many women will try, but do you know the skills of milk skin care? Let the experts share the tips of milk skin care! 1. Efficacy of multi-layer milk facial mask: moisturizing, removing dark yellow and whitening.

How to do it: add 2 teaspoons of milk and 1 / 2 teaspoon of olive oil. After mixing the two, apply it on your face with your fingers. After the mixed facial mask applied for the first time is dried, apply it for the second time. Repeat steps to the fifth time.

After the mixed facial mask dries, wash it off with clean warm water.

Insist on making multi-layer milk facial mask, which can effectively improve the dark yellow skin.

2. Effect of milk steaming face: promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism and moisturize.

Put 250g milk into the pot to boil, let the milk boil in the pot to generate steam. At this time, put your face on the boiling steam, pay attention to keeping a distance and close your eyes, let the steam of milk blow on the top, and your face will feel wet and comfortable. The time can be determined according to your own feelings.

After a period of persistence, the facial skin will be white, tender and smooth.

3. Efficacy of milk facial wash: repair, relieve and eliminate inflammation after sunburn.

If your skin is red and swollen due to the sun, you can wash your face with ice milk, and then apply the cotton pad with ice milk to the red, swollen and hot parts, which can immediately relieve pain.

Because milk can not only supplement nutrition to the skin in time, but also the enzyme components contained in it can play the role of anti-inflammatory, anti swelling and soothing the skin.

Milk itself contains rich nutritional value. If it is used for skin care, it can whiten and moisturize, remove dark yellow, promote blood circulation, repair sunburn and help eliminate inflammation.

You can try the above milk skincare tips to help yourself get perfect skin.

We should develop good habits at ordinary times, take sunscreen measures when we go out, and remember to moisturize in winter!

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