How can you whiten quickly after tanning? Four tips to make your skin whiten quickly

Whether it is summer or winter, as long as you are exposed to ultraviolet radiation, your skin is easy to tan, which makes us very troubled.

When you lose your fair skin, you will find that your appearance will also decline. What should you do? How can you turn white quickly after tanning? Experts have shared the four skills to turn white. Let’s get to know it soon! 1. Do a good job in sunscreen. Sunscreen is the foundation of whitening. No matter what weather, remember to wear some sunscreen or isolation cream when you go to work or go out. You can choose products with a lower sun protection index on cloudy days, but you must not be lazy.

Many skin problems come from ultraviolet radiation, including skin darkening, yellowing, and dry lines, so it is necessary to prevent ultraviolet rays whether it is cloudy or sunny.

2. Hydrating and moisturizing lack of water is an important reason for dark and yellow skin. Skin with sufficient water will double the whitening effect. If skin lacks water, it will not only cause dull skin tone, but also cause color spots due to poor blood circulation. Even if it is not whitening, it is necessary to do a good job of moisturizing first, which is a very important link.

You can squeeze out a little whitening lotion and rub it in the palm of your hand. When it’s a little warm, cover your face with your hands for 5-10 minutes. In this way, you can lock the moisture and nutrition in your skin, inhibit the formation of melanin, improve your skin tone, and make your skin look whiter.

3. Deep cleaning can use milk to wash your face to achieve better skin care and whitening effect, because milk contains very nutritious fats, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, especially a lot of vitamin B, which can deeply moisturize our skin, protect dry, cracked and smooth skin. Washing your face with milk can make your skin more white and tender, and achieve a good whitening and skin care effect.

4. Massage charges the skin. The microvessels in the dermis are divided into deep and shallow parts. The deep blood vessels are used to regulate body temperature, and the shallow blood vessels are responsible for supplying epidermal nutrition.

Massage has a magical effect on providing oxygen to the skin and enhancing its vitality. Moderate friction can promote blood circulation, accelerate blood supply to the skin, and make the skin white and healthy.

The Chinese people have always regarded white as beauty. In order to attract more people’s attention, girls are also looking for effective whitening methods. I hope the above four skills can help everyone.

In order to protect fair skin, everyone must do a good job in sunscreen when going out, and winter is no exception! You can often apply a facial mask, apply moisturizing products, and massage appropriately to promote blood circulation!

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