How to do with dark face? 4 ways to save dark face

The expert would like to ask female friends a question. Whenever you remove your make-up, do you see your dark and sallow face in the mirror when you leave BB cream, release cream, foundation make-up or Concealer.

Sometimes the skin condition is so bad that it is still dark and lusterless after making up. At this time, are you worried about what to do with dark skin? What can you do to make your skin look healthy and lustrous? We also know that facial color is very important to the first impression in interpersonal communication.

White and glossy skin will give people a feeling of being clean and refreshing, doing things quickly and efficiently, while dark skin color will give people a feeling of being cruel and difficult to get along with, so experts will take you to solve this problem.

The root cause of dark skin color is one: poor blood flow caused by hypoxia. In summer, the skin is more prone to hypoxia than in winter. High temperature and strong ultraviolet rays make many beauties choose to stay in airtight air-conditioned rooms. After a long time, the skin will show symptoms of hypoxia.

After hypoxia, the cells and microvessels do not have enough oxygen content. At the same time, the oxygen content of heme will also affect the skin color. Therefore, when there is hypoxia, the skin will be more likely to appear dark and waxy yellow.

Root cause 2: the dullness and dullness of pigmentation the most well-known killer of dullness is melanin. However, if properly maintained, melanin can be reversed. However, with age, the desalination time will lengthen, metabolism will deteriorate, and pigment deposition will become more and more. Therefore, take advantage of youth to whiten and repel melanin.

Strong ultraviolet rays in summer accelerate the deposition of melanin, so a high concentration of whitening product is a necessary whitening weapon.

Root cause 3: dry skin caused by high temperature. High temperature and muggy summer make the skin lose moisture rapidly. Even if you stay in the air-conditioned room, it is particularly easy to lose moisture when the temperature decreases. There are two kinds of moisturizing strategies in summer: external use and internal use. Internal use is to drink more water, and there is also a high-efficiency moisturizing lotion or spray for external use.

Root cause 4: Hypertrophic cuticle caused by ultraviolet rays in summer, even if the skin is coated with a thick isolation sunscreen that makes the skin suffocate, it is impossible to completely block the damage of ultraviolet rays.

Cuticle hypertrophy caused by ultraviolet rays is a self-protection method of skin in summer, but it is not only ultraviolet rays that cause skin hypertrophy. With the growth of age, the skin regeneration machine also slows down, which is another factor leading to cuticle hypertrophy..

Root cause 5: saccharification variation of skin: the protein in the skin that can make the skin look full and elastic combines with sugar to produce variation. Continuously reducing the protein in the skin is saccharification, and the direct result of this saccharification is that the skin color becomes dark and waxy yellow.

Washing method to restore the original bright color of skin (1) wash your face with warm water (32-34 ℃). The most suitable temperature for washing your face is warm water (32-34 ℃).

To dissolve the sebum on the surface of the face, the temperature is 30 ℃.

So if you wash your face at 32 ℃, which is a little warmer than 30 ℃, sebum will naturally dissolve out and the dirt floating on the surface will be easy to clean! Although you want to wash your face with hotter water when the weather is cold, if you wash your face with warm water above 35 ℃, it is easy to cause skin spots and dullness.

The best temperature to wash your face is 32 ℃, which is almost impossible to feel warm with your hands! (2) Wash your face with bubbles by rubbing the facial cleanser into bubbles. You can soak your pores through gentle massage and remove the dirt and old waste horniness at the bottom of your pores.

The method of making thick bubbles is as follows.

First, add some warm water, be careful not to break the foam, and rub it with your hands to make bubbles.

If you can’t make foam smoothly with your hands, please use a special face washing net to have a try! Making foam with nets can make dense bubbles in less than 10 seconds! After the soft foam is done, remove the air in the foam with both hands, and the dense and meticulous foam can be easily completed! (3) Choosing a facial cleanser with moisturizing ingredients to moisturize starts from washing your face.

Choose face washing products with moisturizing ingredients! High density foam, even if the foam in the palm of the hand is down, it will not fall.

And it has the strength that won’t sag after one hour. Foam can penetrate into pores and completely remove dirt and old waste horniness.

(4) Exfoliation improves dullness our skin is metabolized every day, but due to some factors, the dead skin that is metabolized will not fall off by itself. At this time, we need to take the method of exfoliation to remove the dead skin on the face.

Correct exfoliation steps: clean your face first, then exfoliate it. Don’t dry the moisture on your face. When exfoliating, you must grasp the strength of your hands, and don’t use too much force, otherwise it will cause damage to your skin. After exfoliating, you must wash it with clean water, and then do your daily skin care work.

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