How to whiten the black skin? 7 ways to whiten the skin quickly

How does some people’s skin naturally turn dark? As soon as the sun shines in summer, my skin gets darker. Seeing other people’s white and beautiful skin, I really feel insecure. This is also the biggest worry of black girls.

Beautiful women all want their skin to be white and red. As the saying goes, one white covers three ugly. How can they whiten? In fact, there are ways to whiten the dark skin. Today, experts will teach you some simple and easy Whitening Tips.

How to whiten the dark skin? 1. To do a good job in sunscreen, you want to be white, and doing a good job in sunscreen is the premise.

If you don’t do a good job in sunscreen, you won’t be able to get rid of it. Therefore, we should put sunscreen in the first place, no matter it’s cloudy or rainy, summer or winter.

How to whiten the dark skin? 2. Supplement vitamin C more vitamin C can resist melanin and fade facial spots, so eat more foods containing vitamin C in daily life, and vitamins are mostly found in fruits.

If you don’t like fruit, you can also buy some natural vitamin C, which can not only strengthen resistance but also whiten! How to whiten the dark skin? 3. Persist in applying whitening products no matter what products you use, you must persist for more than three months. After a week of use, you feel that there is no effect, and then you don’t need them. In this way, you can never achieve the effect.

Good whitening products are not instant. It takes time to slowly repair your skin. You can only see the change of your skin by sticking to it.

How to whiten the dark skin? 4. Massage the dermis properly. The blood vessels are divided into deep and shallow parts. The deep blood vessels can regulate the temperature, and the shallow blood vessels are used to deliver nutrition.

Massage can provide oxygen to the skin, enhance the elasticity of the skin, promote blood circulation, and make the skin rejuvenate, white, transparent and tender.

How to whiten the dark skin? 5. Replenish water and moisturize: the skin will look dry and dark yellow when it is short of water. Even if it is intensively whitening, the effect will not be too obvious.

Because there is no solid stratum corneum, uniform water-soluble fat protective layer and intact cell membrane, the skin will be dull and yellow.

They are the natural barrier of skin, and only by maintaining their working environment can whitening be carried out to the end.

How to whiten the dark skin? 6. Keep a happy mood. The pressure of life and spirit will be reflected in the skin. Therefore, to appropriately ease the tense mood is actually to give the skin a breathing space, and a happy mood can make the skin absorb nutrients better, unblock pores, and accelerate metabolism.

How to whiten the dark skin? 7. Facial mask whitening red wine facial mask I also learned from big s, because it was just a holiday at that time, and the acne and skin color problems left by staying up late due to exam review had not been solved, because I knew that red wine was the holy product of “rejuvenated”. I used the “red wine facial mask” with a try and see attitude. The next morning after using it, I felt my face was much slippery.

As a result, one week after I used it, all the problems of skin disappeared.

When you use the whitening facial mask, your skin will be better if you reuse it! Keep using it, and your skin will get better day by day! Milk whitening facial mask this is one of my whitening heroes. Although the effect is not as fast as “red wine facial mask”, I insisted on using it for half a month. The previous prints healed completely. At first, I thought it was a psychological effect. Until my classmates said that I turned white, I felt: good.

This product should really be recommended to everyone.

As for the three facial mask I mentioned here again, I suggest that you use the “sleep facial mask” type, because the “sleep facial mask” is crystal clear (representing pure nature), not easy to allergy, and has good absorption effect.

Some can even be used as night cream, which can be applied before going to bed at night, and can be completely absorbed by the skin without washing when waking up during the day.

For non-woven fabrics, although they absorb more nutrients, they can not be fully absorbed by the skin, and sometimes they will suck back the moisture of the skin after sticking for a long time.

In addition, users generally risk the aftereffects of allergy, large pores and excessive lead and mercury.

After reading the expert’s introduction, do you feel excited? In fact, there are ways to whiten black skin.

If you want to whiten, you must pay more attention to sunscreen, multi-layer sunscreen, sunscreen in spring, summer, autumn and winter, supplement vitamin C that can whiten, persist in applying whitening skin care products, and persist in making whitening facial mask, so that your skin can become white and beautiful unconsciously in your careful care.

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