When choosing whitening and freckle removing products, pay attention to three points. 9 daily whitening tips are worth seeing

As we all know, one white covers three ugly faces. Color spots on the faces of both men and women will affect beauty, so we want to quickly remove the spots on our faces. The final result may be that the spots have not been removed, but also cause various skin sensitivities and even other skin problems. Color spots do not grow in a day or two, so we should not be impatient to remove spots. We need to be careful when choosing products without spots, Let’s take a look at what needs attention.

1、 Rapid whitening – many freckle treatment courses that drink poison to quench thirst are claimed to “make the skin white and tender quickly in a very short time of one or two days”. Once stopped, the skin immediately becomes darker, the pigment rebounds, and the wrinkles deepen.

In fact, such freckle removing products often add excessive lead, mercury and other substances toxic to human skin and nervous system.

Because heavy metal ions such as lead and mercury can act on tyrosinase in the process of melanin formation and inactivate it, the formation of color spots is prevented, melanin is reduced and skin becomes white.

However, this effect is short-lived, and the final consequence is that tyrosinase still catalyzes the production of melanin indefinitely, making the skin black, the pigment rebound, and even heavy metal poisoning spots.

2、 Laser freckling – treating symptoms but not the root cause laser beauty freckling mainly uses laser therapists to emit specific wavelengths. Lasers of different wavelengths will be absorbed by special colors or pigments in the skin. When the pigments are gradually absorbed by the body, the color of the spots will fade.

But after all, laser freckle removal relies on external force to “forcibly remove freckles”, which can not block the generation of spots from the source.

3、 Fruit acid skin replacement – overdraft youth fruit acid skin replacement and freckle removal the selected fruit acid is a natural acid extracted from fruit. Generally, the low concentration fruit acid formula lower than 10% has a moisturizing effect and can make the skin fine, rich and elastic; Higher than 20% of fruit acid makes the aging cells in the outer layer of the skin easy to fall off, and promotes the proliferation of collagen fibers and mucopolysaccharides in the dermis, which can achieve the effect of freckling.

Fruit acid skin exchange and freckle removal can remove the spots located in the superficial layer of the skin epidermis, but it can’t do anything about the pigment spots located in the deep layer of the skin epidermis (basal layer) or dermis.

In addition, the use of fruit acid for skin replacement and freckle removal requires extremely high aseptic control; Secondly, due to the use of high concentration of fruit acid, the time spent on the face should also be strictly monitored, otherwise it will have the opposite effect; In addition, the use of fruit acid for skin replacement and freckle removal will inevitably damage the cuticle of the skin, reduce the function of the skin to resist external aggression, and cause excessive loss of skin moisture, which is very easy to age.

In fact, the formation of color spots is also “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Therefore, daily prevention and reasonable treatment are particularly important.

Based on this, I would like to provide the following Whitening Tips for your reference: 1. If you don’t have to go out, don’t go out at noon; 2. Every time you are exposed to the sun, you should use sunscreen products in time; 3. As long as you have been engaged in outdoor activities, you should wash your whole body after you go home; 4. Apply watermelon rind ice to the sunburned skin; 5. Water is a good beauty product, ensuring sufficient drinking water every day; 6. Plenty of vitamin C Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables; 7. Relieve the tense body and mind; 8. Do not take food containing artificial food additives; 9. Not all skin has the same degree of sun resistance.

Long spots on the face are indeed very annoying, but no matter how annoying it is, it will not help. You must not be impatient. You should take your time to remove spots. When choosing whitening and freckle removing products, you can’t choose products that turn white quickly. Not only does it not help, it may also make the skin develop in a worse direction. In addition, laser freckle removal can only dilute color spots from the surface, not the root, Therefore, if you want to whiten and remove freckles, you must start with daily prevention and healthy skin care.

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