How to whiten quickly in summer? 6 fast whitening methods without fear of tanning

The hot summer seems to have passed quietly, but the hot summer has left footprints on people’s skin, and many beautiful women’s skin has been tanned. What should we do if our skin is tanned? As the saying goes, “one white covers three ugly”. How can you see people with black skin? Relying on whitening products can only whiten the face, and what if the skin of the body also turns black? Hurry up and give your skin a clean-up, so that the disputes of sunburn in summer can come back in vain.

How does summer tan turn white quickly? Step 1: clean the skin. Cleaning is an indispensable prelude to whitening and maintenance. The effect of skin cleaning means the absorption of follow-up products. Only by opening up the absorption channel of skin can whitening products be quickly replenished.

When cleaning your face, cleansing products do not need to have too strong cleaning power. What you need to do on the first day is to give your skin a deep exfoliation care.

If the cuticle of the skin is thick, choose to apply the cleaning facial mask after using the exfoliating cream. Mm with thin cuticle can directly use the cleaning facial mask.

Step 2: wet apply whitening lotion in the morning and evening whitening lotion is an economical and affordable product among whitening products. Making good use of it can make whitening work twice the result with half the effort! If you want to see the effect quickly, you should use the lotion boldly.

After washing your face in the morning and evening, apply a sufficient amount of cotton pad to your face for 3 minutes, and then do other maintenance after it is almost absorbed.

Step 3: strengthening the application of whitening essence and whitening essence is the most important thing in the repair work, and it should be done day and night! In the morning and evening, apply the whitening essence on the spots or the cheekbones and bridge of the nose, and then evenly apply it on the whole face.

It protects the skin from external irritants during the day, helps the skin recover its self-healing function at night, and brings whitening and nourishment all night long.

Step4: all weather whitening protection should be carried out all the time, whether during or after whitening. Only in this way can this whitening battle be beautiful.

If you want to make the process of whitening progress faster, don’t think you can just apply a thin layer of sunscreen. Remember that sunscreen products must be applied layer by layer patiently.

Step 5: add one step of Anti-aging Essence. Even if we live in a vacuum, as the skin ages, there will be more and more color spots.

Therefore, whitening is always entangled with anti-aging.

Please remember to fight anti-aging before whitening! The Anti-aging Essence acts on the dermis and the whitening essence acts on the epidermis. Only by mastering the use order of the two essence can both effects be effectively exerted.

Step 6: after using the whitening facial mask, massage the whitening facial mask, which is the most effective whitening product. After seven days, you should feel that your skin has become whiter. Take this opportunity to apply a high-quality whitening facial mask, with massage techniques, to increase the skin temperature and maximize the absorption of whitening ingredients. At the moment of removing the facial mask, you will feel your skin as tender and white as a shelled egg.

My face is white, but my body is still black. What should I do on my body? The most important step of body cleaning is exfoliation! Many people do not have this awareness and will spend a lot of money on body milk and bath milk, but they often neglect this most important step and have to tell you mercilessly that you are simply wasting money! It is impossible to wash away the waste cuticle of the body with bath milk / soap. In the long run, it will not only not absorb various skin care products, but also be rough, inflamed and lusterless.

Generally speaking, body exfoliation should be done once a week or two weeks. Too often is not conducive to the stratum corneum.

Summer has passed quietly, and many beautiful women’s skin has been suntanned. What should I do if my skin is suntanned? The above six steps on how to quickly whiten your skin can make your tanned skin white. You can’t be too anxious and relax when your skin is tanned. If you stick to these methods of caring for tanned skin, your skin will be whitened soon. You who love beauty can try them.

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