What are the whitening misunderstandings in beauty and skin care? 7 whitening misunderstandings in daily skin care

A person with white skin is beautiful. Beautiful and white skin is every woman’s dream. Many female friends have spent a lot of money to make their skin whiter, but many whitening methods have no great effect. How can they make their skin whiter? It may be that your whitening methods have these misunderstandings. Let’s take a look at them together.

What are the wrong areas of whitening? 1. White collar workers who do not completely remove their makeup can hardly give up their makeup.

However, while color makeup adds beauty to white-collar workers, it also leaves hidden dangers to the skin.

The foundation make-up and eye shadow used for make-up generally contain grease, so it is necessary to use oily cleaning cream to clean first, and then wash with facial cleanser.

Double cleaning can completely remove residual makeup, sebum secretion and dirt attached to the skin, so that the pores are unblocked, and the skin can be fresh, breathable and breathe freely.

Otherwise, if makeup removal is not complete, it is easy to cause melanin deposition, and any amount of whitening products will be wasted.

2. Lack of sleep has nothing to do with whitening. Sleeping soundly and well means sleeping full. Have you taken into account the quality and quantity of sleep? Staying up late, staying up all night and sacrificing sleep not only slow down metabolism and melanin deposition, but also make black spots, freckles and dark circles under the eyes come.

3. A set of whitening products is enough for us to stay indoors and outdoors every day. Some people even change their positions at home and abroad. Different regions, seasons, latitudes and altitudes have different temperature and humidity characteristics.

Now the weather in spring is unpredictable, so don’t think that a set of whitening products is enough.

Different whitening products should be selected according to the change of seasons, but they should not be changed too frequently to avoid hurting the skin.

4. Brand name whitening can completely whiten. Nowadays, skin care products emphasize high quality and nature, which indeed have whitening effects, but there are also many problems that skin care products do not adapt to.

In fact, the principle of choosing skin care products is to “suit yourself” as the first criterion.

Therefore, don’t buy a whole set of expensive skin care products at once, unless you have used them before and feel that they are suitable for you.

5. The best way to whiten your skin quickly is not to be tempted by exaggerated and untrue advertisements, thinking that you can get snow-white skin overnight.

There is no quick way to whiten. You must use mild products and gradually change into white skin after day-to-day maintenance.

In addition, if you want to perform skin whitening operations such as fruit acid skin replacement and radiation freckle removal, although you can achieve rapid whitening effect, you must find a professional and guaranteed beauty agency or hospital. You can’t choose unqualified agencies to perform such operations at will, otherwise it is easy to damage your skin, and such damage is irreversible.

6. Some people are addicted to some things, such as coffee, spicy pot, McDonald’s and chocolate.

In fact, these foods will affect our whitening plan. For our own whitening, we’d better stay away from these foods.

We may as well eat light food at ordinary times, especially more green vegetables and fresh fruits, and supplement vitamin C, job’s tears, milk, honey and lemon at any time. All these foods help us to whiten. 7. Even if we take comprehensive sun protection measures, our skin will soon turn black just by going to the seaside for a few minutes, not to mention not taking any sun protection measures.

Sun exposure can be accumulated. No matter whether you are exposed to the sun for a long time or not, you must apply sunscreen to ensure that there is no leakage of sunscreen. Any mistake may make your whitening plan useless.

Female friends all hope that their skin will become whiter, one white covering three ugly. I believe that you who love beauty will have a deeper understanding of whitening after reading these misconceptions. I hope that you will know how to avoid these misconceptions when you do whitening and skin care. Only in this way can you avoid many detours on the road of whitening and make your skin truly white.

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