How to regulate the yellowish skin? Three whitening and yellowing remedies recommended

Some people’s skin color is yellowish and looks bad. If their skin is yellowish, they feel that they have no spirit to affect their beauty. There are many reasons for yellowish skin, such as irregular work and rest, overwork and physical diseases. How to regulate yellowish skin? Whitening skin is every girl’s dream. If you love beauty, you may as well take a look at the folk prescription of whitening and yellowing.

1. Exfoliating: if the cutin on the face is too thick, even if you apply it every day, the nutrients in the maintenance products can not be absorbed by the skin.

Therefore, regular exfoliation can help skin remove old horniness on the surface, dredge pores, and double the absorption of skin.

Exfoliate once every two weeks.

2. Use whitening lotion after cleaning your face every day, you may as well choose a whitening lotion with whitening effect, which not only replenishes the moisture of the skin, but also helps regulate the stratum corneum and improve the dry and dark skin.

3. Facial mask can increase the whitening effect by 10 times. Facial mask is a fast whitening method. Choose a facial mask containing vitamin C and arbutin whitening ingredients, and the effect will be better. However, don’t apply facial mask every day for the sake of instant, which will make the skin thinner instead.

4. Seize the golden skin care period before going to bed. The absorption capacity of the skin at night is several times that of the day. Therefore, if you want to have a better whitening effect, you must use the night cream before going to bed. If you want to make the skin more appetizing, you can use a little muscle bottom liquid to make the skin appetizer and better absorb the essence in the night cream.

5. Put on sunscreen before going out. Don’t always feel that the weather in winter is cold, and if you get too much sun, you will be warmer, so you won’t get sunscreen when you go out. In fact, the ultraviolet rays in winter are still a great threat to skin whitening, so it is recommended that MM who want to whiten should put on sunscreen before going out, and the SPF value is 15.

6. Internal whitening if you want to be a white beauty, it’s not enough to apply it. With internal conditioning and external maintenance, the whitening effect can reach 120%. Vegetables and fruits containing vitamin C are holy whitening products, such as tomatoes, strawberries and kiwifruit.

I suggest mm eat more.

Whitening and yellowing facial mask: 15ml honey, one egg, 50ml skimmed milk, one teaspoon lemon juice and a little flour.

It is said that this facial mask was invented by an Indian princess. It can purify and moisturize skin and make skin white, transparent, soft and delicate.

The production method is very simple, that is, add eggs to the flour first, stir well, then add milk, honey and lemon juice, and stir again.

Evenly apply it on your face, rinse with warm water after 15 minutes, and then wash your face with cold water.

Warm water and cold water can be alternately used several times, which is more conducive to shrinking pores.

The beauty’s “three white soup” is a widely circulated Chinese medicine beauty prescription. According to the medical book “Introduction to medicine” in the Ming Dynasty (16th century), “white peony, Atractylodes macrocephala and white Poria cocos each have 5g, licorice 2.5G, boiled in water and warmed”, which was later circulated everywhere.

This prescription is well matched and suitable for rough, yellowing, chloasma, pigmentation, etc. of skin caused by deficiency of Qi and blood.

You can buy these four drugs directly from the drugstore and fry them in water.

If it’s troublesome, you can also make your own tea bags. Take 150 grams of Atractylodes macrocephala, white peony, white Poria cocos and 75 grams of licorice, grind them into coarse powder, mix them evenly, put them into 30 small packets, and take 1 packet of boiling water every day to brew them as tea.

Mung bean milk facial mask is made of mung bean, milk and facial mask paper.

Production method: first grind the mung bean with its skin, then slowly pour in the milk and stir it into a paste.

Then apply the adjusted facial mask to the face, starting from the chin, to the cheeks, nose and forehead, and then evenly smear the facial mask on the face, and apply a slightly wet facial mask paper on it to prevent the facial mask from evaporating too quickly in the air.

The facial mask can be washed off in about 30 minutes. The facial mask should not stay on the face for too long, as it is easy to block pores.

Generally, it is used once a week. For dry skin, it is recommended to use it once every 10 days.

Women don’t want to be called yellow faced women, but we often find that our skin is yellow. What’s the matter? Sun exposure is the main cause of skin yellowing.

This will make you a “yellow faced woman”.

Excessive sunlight will lead to photoaging, which is the main cause of chloasma, not the endocrine imbalance that people think.

Resist ultraviolet rays and reduce the formation of melanin! Therefore, no matter what kind of skin type, if you want to whiten, you must do a good job in sunscreen.

“Spf10-15 sunscreen can no longer withstand the ultraviolet rays of this season, so be sure to choose SPF30 sunscreen.

”Yellowish skin affects people’s beautiful appearance. How to regulate yellowish skin? Based on the above articles, we have learned some good ways to whiten and yellowish skin, such as exfoliating the skin, using whitening lotion, applying whitening facial mask or mung bean facial mask to the face. When doing these skin care, don’t forget to protect the sun and maintain a good work and rest time.

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