What can I do to whiten my skin? 6 skincare tips: whiten your skin

There are skills in whitening skin. Whitening skin is the dream of every female friend. One white can cover three ugly things. Beautiful and white skin can add more confidence and beauty to people. What can we do in life to make our skin whiter? There are skills to whiten skin. If you want to whiten, you may as well take a look at these good ways to whiten your skin.

How to whiten skin skill 1: Body Milk + full body massage people’s skin will look shiny and full only when it is full of water. To make the skin white, we need to drink water. We can smear body milk on the body after every bath. Only when the skin needs water and moisture can it appear shiny, white and tender.

At ordinary times, you can properly massage the whole body.

Tip 2: exfoliation we know that the cutin on the face needs to be removed, and so does the skin.

It is necessary to remove the aged colloids in time to remove the darkness, make the skin glow, and facilitate the absorption of skin care products. It is necessary to remove the colloids if you want to whiten your body. Everyone should exfoliate once a week.

We can choose bath essence or exfoliating products with the effect of removing colloids, which should be used all over the body. After that, we will find that our skin is white and slippery after taking a bath, and then use bathroom steam to open the pores, which will make it easier to quickly expel some toxic substances from the skin.

Tip 3: green tea bath put 3-5 bags of drunk green tea residues or tea bags into silk socks or cotton bags, then put the cloth bags into the bathtub, inject hot water, soak for 10-20 minutes, and then take a bath.

Green tea can remove oil and dirt from the skin, help to freshen the skin, remove prickly heat and soften the horniness, and achieve the whitening effect after long-term adherence.

Skill 4: egg milk honey skin tightening and whitening film beat five eggs into egg liquid, add 50g flour and 50ml honey to the egg liquid, and evenly mix the three.

After skin cleaning, evenly smear the body film on the whole body, rub and press the skin with your finger pulp and palm to promote skin metabolism and help detoxify. After massage, gently pat your hands to promote skin moisture and nutrient absorption. Rinse it with warm water 30 minutes later.

Skill 5: bubble bath with rose essential oil: drop a few drops of rose essential oil in the bathtub, and then soak it when some fragrance is released. It can not only stimulate blood circulation, but also make the skin whiter and smoother, and make the whole body shiny, white and smooth.

Tip 6: drinking milk in a milk bath can whiten the skin. Taking a milk bath is also a good way to whiten the whole body. Pour about 1000ml of fresh milk into hot water and stir until translucent.

When you take a milk bath, it will feel better to add a few drops of rose essential oil.

Heat the water a little, soak it for 20-30 minutes, open the pores, and then apply the whitening and moisturizing lotion. If you persist for a long time, you can make your skin white and even.

Methods to whiten the skin: often drink grape seeds to whiten the skin. Before going to bed every night, soak the grape seeds with 37 degree warm milk. Every time you drink, you can soak a little of them with facial mask paper, and then apply them to your face.

In this way, the effect of internal adjustment and external application is doubled, and the whitening effect is obvious if you persist in using it for a period of time.

Grape seeds are rich in vitamins, linoleic acid and a variety of amino acids, which can prevent melanin precipitation, reduce UV damage, and achieve the effect of whitening and brightening the skin.

Milk almond and job’s tears powder whitening use boiled cowboys to brew almond powder and job’s tears powder into drinks. Drink one cup each morning and evening every day to condition your body and make your skin naturally white and transparent.

Almond powder can dilute color spots, Coix powder can resist melanin, and cowboy can moisturize and beautify.

In addition to whitening, these three kinds of loose materials also have multiple skin care and beauty effects.

Sunscreen work can not be ignored. After summer, many people will stop sunscreen work, thinking that they will not be tanned again.

In fact, even if there is no sunshine in autumn and winter, the strong ultraviolet ray is not inferior to that in summer, and it will make you black unconsciously.

Therefore, there is absolutely a lot of sunscreen work in winter, and we should pay attention to it.

In addition to the sunscreen you usually use, don’t go out from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. when you want to go out, you should also take an umbrella.

Lemon water whitening drinking a glass of lemon water every day can help digestion and detoxification in the body, and also help skin whitening.

However, it should not be drunk during the day. Because lemon is a photosensitive food, it contains photosensitive substances, so it should be avoided from the sun. It is recommended to use it at night.

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