How to remove acne simply? What are the acne removing techniques?

Some people often hang this panda eye because of national or poor rest

What can I eat to eliminate dark circles under my eyes? Some people often stay up late because of their work, and the black circle has become a regular visitor

Black circles and large bags under the eyes not only affect beauty, but also make people look depressed

How can you eliminate dark circles under your eyes? To eliminate dark circles under the eyes, in addition to doing a good job in eye care, you can also start from the diet. Eating more of the following foods can help you alleviate dark circles under the eyes

1. Eggs: eggs are rich in high-quality protein, and protein can promote cell regeneration. Therefore, eating eggs regularly and increasing protein intake have a certain effect on alleviating the formation of dark circles under the eyes

However, since the human body can only absorb the nutrients contained in two eggs a day at most, it should not eat more than two eggs

Some people are used to eating raw eggs. In fact, raw eggs are very difficult to digest and contain bacteria. Therefore, it is recommended to eat boiled eggs

In addition, lean meat, poultry eggs, aquatic products and so on are also rich in high-quality protein. Regular consumption of such foods can also help reduce the formation of dark circles under the eyes. However, since the protein composition of eggs is the closest to that of the human body, the absorption effect is the best

2. In addition to vitamin E which can nourish the eyes and eye muscles, vitamin A also has the same effect

Carrots are the only choice to increase vitamin A intake, which can maintain the normal function of epithelial tissues and improve dark circles under the eyes

In addition, vitamin A contained in carrots also helps improve vision, especially in the dark

Other foods containing vitamin A include animal liver, cream, eggs, alfalfa, apricot, etc

3. Kelp supplemented with an appropriate amount of iron can promote the increase of hemoglobin, thus enhancing its ability to transport oxygen and nutrients. Kelp is rich in iron, so regular use of kelp can also alleviate the trouble of dark circles under the eyes

Other foods rich in iron include animal liver and lean meat

4. Sesame sesame is rich in vitamin E, which can nourish the eyeball and eye muscles, so as to alleviate the formation of dark circles under the eyes

It can not only make your hair black and beautiful, but also eliminate black circles under your eyes, killing two birds with one stone. No wonder some people regard sesame as a magical “magic food.”

In addition to sesame, other foods rich in vitamin E include peanuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds, etc

5. Green tea those who often use computers can drink green tea to supplement specific phytonutrients and eliminate dark circles under the eyes caused by computer radiation

The concentrated polyphenols contained in green tea can inhibit the damage of free radicals to the supporting fibers of the skin. It is universally recognized today as the most effective anti free gene

Drinking more decaffeinated green tea can not only eliminate dark circles under the eyes, but also help the body’s fat metabolism and sleep. It can not only stabilize the quality of sleep, but also make people feel less tired

In addition, external application of green tea bags can also slow down dark circles under the eyes

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