Fast and effective method of hand exfoliation? How does the hand exfoliate?

How to dispel acne in autumn? The acne in autumn is coming fiercely, and it seems that it has not diminished at all because of the change of the weather. How to get rid of annoying acne, refreshing autumn? Here’s how to get rid of acne in autumn.

1. No matter whether you make up or not, you should clean your skin with a neutral cleanser containing makeup removers and strong oil removing ability at least twice a day. After washing your face, you can use astringent makeup water or refreshing softener to wipe your face, and use the exfoliating and cleaning facial mask at least once a week to clean pores. Remember to wash your face no more than three times a day.

2. For oily skin with strong sebaceous gland secretion, massage should be avoided to avoid stimulating oil secretion.

How to treat adult pox? Having reached the ripe age, why can’t we get rid of acne? The acne formed after adolescence is called adult acne. How to treat adult acne? Here’s how to treat adult pox.

Having reached the ripe age, why can’t we get rid of acne? The acne formed after adolescence is called adult acne. How to treat adult acne? If you want to get rid of adult acne, you must adjust it internally. Just using external acne removing products will cure the symptoms but not the root cause. Therefore, to completely eradicate adult acne, you must first find the cause from your own physical condition. Let’s learn about the causes of human pox and tell you how to treat adult pox.

From the perspective of modern medicine, the main cause of human pox is excessive secretion of male hormones. When a woman is over 30, the reduction of estrogen secretion weakens the restriction on androgens, and the relative excess of androgens is the main cause of “adult pox”. Adult pox is an external manifestation of the imbalance of male and female hormones. The imbalance of male and female hormones will not only lead to the formation of adult pox, but also lead to more serious endocrine disorders in the later stage, such as menstrual disorders, obesity and fatigue, irritability and irritability, and even a variety of serious diseases such as uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, mammary hyperplasia and gynecological tumors will follow one after another.

Do you know the good habit of removing acne? Acne is the natural enemy of many beautiful faces! As long as you start to get acne, you will have endless troubles. Here are some good habits for removing acne.

Good habit of removing acne

Don’t touch your face with your hands. This often causes bacteria to breed on the skin of the face, thus producing acne. Unclean hair can sometimes irritate facial skin and cause annoying acne.

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