Is hand exfoliation useful? How to exfoliate your hands?

How to do with acne on different parts? No matter how you maintain it, your skin will always grow acne, which makes many girls very upset. Here’s how to deal with acne in different parts.

Skin problems:

Skin problems, led by acne, have always been the most distressing thing for people. If you want to regain your attractive appearance, you must understand the real cause of the problem and maintain it correctly, so that your skin can be more “watery”.

Do you know the unique anti acne skills of female stars? Do you know what the female star’s anti acne trick is? The following Xiaobian will reveal the unknown anti acne skills of female stars for you.

If your acne is a deep-seated big acne, the doctor will still recommend you to have a acne injection. The so-called acne needle is a steroid, and the degree of pain is quite amazing. It’s painful enough to play steroids alone, not to mention playing on purulent pox, which is really… Inhuman! The following is a new technology that can improve acne as long as you lie down for 40 minutes – Dynamic blue light.

What is dynamic blue light? The 660nm blue light used by dynamic blue light can be used to kill the acne bacillus that causes acne. It is a light source for sterilization and inflammation. Its specific bactericidal ability can prevent local suppuration, redness and inflammation caused by bacterial infection, which has a good effect on preventing acne.

Do you know the four powerful ways to remove acne marks? It was hard to get rid of acne, but it left ugly and difficult acne marks, which has been a problem for many beautiful sisters for a long time. So what are the four powerful ways to remove acne marks? The following Xiaobian will give you a detailed answer.

Look at some mm are very worried about acne marks, color spots and so on. Xiaobian simply recommends several good methods. Let’s try them.

Remove spots and light spots: first pour some pearl powder into the container, and then mix it with a small amount of milk. In order to prevent the pearl powder applied on the face from falling off when it is dry, add a little honey to it, then wash the face with warm water, evenly apply the adjusted pearl powder mixture on the eyelid, and massage the freckles for a while to promote blood circulation and promote the absorption of nutrients by the skin, which is very important for freckling removal. Wash it off with warm water after 20 minutes. Do your best before going to bed every night.

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