Body management is not lax

Both men and women are increasingly concerned about their own body management , and it will be difficult to deal with color spots on their faces. We should do a good job in prevention. We must do a good job in comprehensive protection of sun protection measures at ordinary times, so that color spots can be diluted. Let’s take a look at how to remove color spots.

wash your face with vinegar

Every day when washing your face, you can add a few drops of vinegar to the warm water, which can soften the horniness and dilute the color spots.

drink a glass of lemonade every day

Lemon is rich in vitamins that can effectively prevent the spread of color spots. Drinking a glass of lemonade every morning after waking up can make the intestines and stomach more smooth, also empty the toxins, and make the skin whiter and whiter. It is very suitable for people with color spots to drink.

the use of facial mask can also achieve a good effect of removing color spots.

Some important proportions, such as white Poria cocos, can be mixed with some pure dew or some milk. If the color spot is serious, you can apply it every night to reduce the spread. Then stop using it for three days, and then carry out a course of treatment, which can achieve a good effect of repairing color spots.

if you want to solve the problem of color spots, you can also drink some cucumber porridge

Prepare some fresh cucumbers, rice, ginger, refined salt and cucumbers, remove the skin after cleaning, cut them into thin slices, wash the rice, smash the ginger after cleaning, add a proper amount of water into the pot, add rice and ginger, cook the rice until soft, put cucumber slices down and cook until thick, and finally add some salt to taste, which can achieve a good effect of removing spots and moisturizing the skin.

What I introduced above is the removal method of color spots. In addition to what I introduced, you can also drink lemon water and hawthorn water as supplements, which can achieve very good freckle removal. You can adjust them according to the actual situation.

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